Creating a Separate Bedroom for couples Is It the Solution

a man sleeping in separate bed - The benefits of having a separate bedroom for a long-lasting relationship

Have you been living with your girlfriend for several weeks, months, or even years and sleeping together?

The only time you don’t sleep with her is when you had a fight, and you take refuge on your couch?

I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re old-fashioned!

The new trend for couples is to live together but sleep in their own rooms!

This simple change of habit would be the recipe for happiness for some couples.

So, is having a separate bedroom the solution to staying together for a long time?

According to a study conducted by the Daily Telegraph, 15% of couples living together sleep apart.

Even Amal and George Clooney have separate bedrooms!

During the Covid-19 crisis, the phenomenon of “quilt divorce” increased, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Some men and women who had to travel because of their profession during confinement chose to have a separate room.

The reason? To avoid contaminating their spouse during the night, who remained confined to telework, and indirectly not to contaminate the children either.

More generally, opting for the “quilt divorce” would have many advantages.

But before revealing why having a separate bedroom works, let’s find out why this practice is frowned upon.

Why It’s Frowned Upon to Have Separate Bedrooms

The marital bed is seen as an obvious thing in our society.

The two lovers must sleep in the same bed, period.

This habit does not come out of nowhere.

For many centuries, men and women lived in separate rooms.

It was not until the 18th century that the Catholic Church imposed the marital bed. The goal was then to sanctify the relationship and avoid paganism through infidelity.

This habit has remained ever since. Symbolically, the marital bed is also a place conducive to intimate conversations: the famous pillow talk.

At night, you are away from your children, and you can finally chat freely and without filters.

Wanting to have a separate room means breaking social norms and, therefore, at first sight, calling all of this into question.

Wanting to live together but sleeping alone is, therefore, socially frowned upon, but in addition, your wife may feel rejected if you do not explain to her why you want to have a separate bedroom.

Why Having a Separate Bedroom Lacks Romance and Risks Getting Your Wife Upset

Even if we know that sleeping well together is not easy, sleeping in the same bed as your wife allows you to multiply sexual advances… This is partly true.

Indeed, according to therapist and relationship counselor Hilda Burk, sexual stimuli are often generated by the physical proximity of the two spouses.

In addition, according to Iv Psalti, a sexologist and author of “Migraine or Big Hug,” problems related to sexuality are the cause of many divorces.

Sleeping in the same bed would, therefore, be conducive to sexual relations, which are themselves vital for the solidity of the couple. Let’s live happily and sleep together?

However, sleeping badly in your bed can also anchor you with bad emotions at the idea of lying on your mattress.

Knowing that you are going to have a bad night can stress you out, cause negative emotions, and, therefore, cut your sex drive. Not ideal for making love well!

The concern, if you decide to tell your girlfriend that you are going to sleep in the guest room, is that your girlfriend will be frustrated that she does not have the romance she sees in Hollywood movies.

But don’t worry, with all the benefits that you will discover in the following lines, your wife and even you will not be able to do without this new habit!

Having a Separate Bedroom Works!

On average, in a lifetime, humans spend 25 years sleeping. That’s quite a lot!

Spending almost a quarter of your life sleeping must have a reason, and indeed, sleep is vital for a healthy lifestyle and even for good erections.

Sleeping together may not be the best option for getting a restful sleep.

Even if you deeply love your partner, their sleeping habits may be irritating, and the same could be true for them.

Duvet theft, cold feet, lack of space, snoring, and waking up to go to the bathroom are some of the little actions that can ruin your sleep. A lack of sleep can be catastrophic for your energy, mood, concentration at work, and sexual desire.

Worse yet, all these elements can lead to irritability, which can jeopardize your relationship.

Sleeping in separate bedrooms can help avoid unnecessary tensions and disputes caused by poor sleep.

Talk to your partner about it and try it out for several nights to see what happens! A separate bedroom could be the perfect solution for your relationship to last a long time.

If you’re struggling with relationship issues that are causing stress and tension, there are plenty of resources available to help you work through them. Check out our guide on How to Deal with a Woman That Ignores You for tips on how to navigate difficult situations in your relationship:

So, are you ready to try the “quilt divorce” experience? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.

Remember, “Eros, room apart, life apart.

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