The 7 Big Mistakes That Turn Women Away That You Make All The Time!

The differences between men and women, we don’t count them anymore, don’t we?

However, there would be a lot to learn from some of them. Especially in terms of seduction or when you are in a relationship.

There are actions, attitudes that completely revolt women and even push them away.

And today we are going to solve this problem once and for all.

Don’t you know them gentlemen?

Let’s see.

1-Be the nice man

Have you ever noticed that women are attracted to bad boys? Nice men are certainly good, but they often remain good friends.

Women don’t choose a man for his kindness; they choose a man because they are instinctively, almost animally attracted to him.

Unconsciously, they are looking for a dominant male who will know how to protect them, who will know how to show his fangs if necessary (to defend her), who will take initiatives, who will know how to be determined, combative in life.

Nice people always leave a good impression but not strong enough to physically, sexually and emotionally attract a woman.

If you are too nice, women will tend to turn to other men who are more “guy” in their eyes.

So, gentlemen, show your manly side, assume and ensure. Say your opinion loud and clear, let your anger out from time to time, know how to say no (sometimes that’s enough).

2-Try to convince her

There is nothing worse than a man who believes and tries to change a woman’s opinion about himself, especially in matters of love.

Women react mainly to emotion, to feelings: if she is attracted to you, it means that she has felt it deep inside, but if it does not happen between you, it is almost impossible to make her change his mind.

Logic and reasoning do not enter into this game of seduction: intuition, feelings, emotions, this is what makes a woman’s heart swing towards a man.

Even though we’ve all tried it once, don’t try to change it or it will run away from you.

When a woman is not interested in a man, the male reflex is to beg her, to implore her sometimes, to run after her and do her best to change her mind.

The more you run after her, the more you take the risk that she will consider you as a first-rate burden, as a “loser” who cannot be resigned.

Stay humble and natural, accept the situation.

3-Seek her approval

When men are in a period of seduction or even when they are in a relationship, it very often happens that they seek the approval, even the permission of their partner to do such a thing, to go somewhere, or simply to see if she agrees with his choices and decisions.

You should know that women like men who know what they want and who give everything they can to get it. Men who have this side a little bootlicking, a little “carpet” do not attract women at all.

If you are like this or if you tend to be, be careful because your girl may quite quickly.

You must remain yourself, honest, courteous, respectful of her and your relationship, but above all not erase yourself.

Assert yourself and don’t try to find out whether she agrees with you or not: if she chose you, it means that you have many points in common, that you share the same vision of the couple, of life, of the future, of work, etc.

4-Buy his affection

Maybe the word is a bit strong but it illustrates the point perfectly.

Have you ever bought a gift, flowers or even too many presents with the intention of keeping her close to you?

It’s natural: when we love, we want the person to know it, but wanting to do too much may have the opposite effect and drive them away.

Women love attention, but you also have to be natural and don’t overdo it. It raises doubts, as if you have something to be forgiven, something to hide.

By giving her (too many) gifts, by showering her with material gifts, you send her a very clear message, namely “I don’t think you like me for who I am, so I’m buying your attention and your love “.

Even if your attentions are good, in the eyes of a woman, it can be seen as compensation for your lack of self-confidence or worse as a manipulative attempt to keep her with you.

Stay natural, please her when you feel the need, show her that you love her with gestures, words, deeds, spending time with her, sharing her passions, without necessarily going through the box “buying gifts. »

5-Go too fast

Whether you have been together for a short time or for a long time, whether you are trying to seduce her, it happens that, under the influence of passion or because you want to keep your partner with you, you reveal your feelings too much or too quickly.

Be careful not to say everything, especially when you are at the start of your relationship; indeed, women, especially those who are very attractive, are continually solicited by men who try to flirt with them, whether in one way or another.

And this kind of women often has some experience of men, they know what to expect but they know above all what they do not want.

One thing that can turn a woman off or scare her off is when a man starts to come out with his feelings like “you know, I really, really like you” when you’ve only been a few days old. you know.

The woman tells herself one thing: this man is lacking, he is in “need”: he is ready for anything, even if it means saying things that may be beyond him for the moment.

She tells herself that you can’t control yourself and that scares her: be yourself, go about it as you feel, without revealing too much about your feelings.

It is important that she remains intrigued by your feelings, your attitude, that she also takes a step towards you to try to understand.

A game of cat and mouse that can be interesting and naughty…

6-Play the one who doesn’t understand her

As we know, women are different from men and when it comes to seduction and attraction, it is the same.

Above all, do not stay on your preconceived ideas, do not ignore that they feel things differently from men.

As soon as a man sees a beautiful woman, he feels sexual attraction while women are not automatically. Women also like to know and discover the qualities of a man.

Women like to be guided by their feelings, their intuition, they use body language (hers and yours) to detect and interpret a situation and to communicate.

It’s up to you to adapt, to learn to understand how women work, what they feel, what they are looking for.

7-Refuse to learn seduction

The number one enemy of all  men is their EGO.

The thing is, men don’t like to look weak or helpless, let alone in front of a woman. And in order not to appear weak, they are ready to remain stubborn and not ask for help when the need arises.

It’s a big mistake that can scare a woman away… but which prevent them—above all—from living their lives to the full.

Gentlemen, learn to understand women, learn to do everything possible so that your seduction, your meeting and your relationship become lasting and long-lasting…

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