Symptoms of depression in men: how to help a depressed man?

How to identify depression in men? What are the hallmarks of male depression? Find out how to support a man suffering from depression.

male depression symptoms

The signs and symptoms of depression can be different in men and women. For example, although one of the most obvious signs of depression is a constant feeling of sadness, men are more likely than women to be aggressive and abuse substances. It should be noted that men are less likely to talk about depression and seek treatment, and are therefore less likely to be diagnosed with this disorder. So how do you recognize the signs of depression in men?

How does a depressed man behave?

Depressive disorders can go unnoticed in men. Although this disorder affects men and women in the same way, that is, by affecting people’s feelings, thoughts and behavior, the reality is that men tend to externalize these symptoms differently.

In fact, according to statistics, depression is more common in women, although this could be because men are less likely to be diagnosed with depression. It is therefore important to understand how the symptoms of depression can differ between men and women.

Symptoms of depression in men

Some of the main symptoms of depression tend to affect men and women equally. The most common signs of depression are:

1-Constant sadness: People with depression often feel sad and empty. This may involve crying more than usual and even feeling guilty for having these feelings.

2-Loss of pleasure: When a person is depressed, they often end up losing pleasure in activities they have always enjoyed.

3-Changes in appetite: Depression can also affect appetite and affected individuals may experience changes in weight and eating habits.

4-Changes in sleep: Besides appetite, people with depression are also affected in their sleep. For example, they may end up oversleeping and sleeping too long or, conversely, not getting a good night’s rest.

5-Constant fatigue: Depression affects people’s energy levels. This often means that the person feels permanently exhausted.

6-Concentration problems: Even for small tasks, people with depression may find it difficult to concentrate, even on the most mundane tasks (like making the bed, doing the dishes, etc.).

It should be noted that not all people with depression experience the same symptoms and with the same intensity. In particular, there may be differences between how depression affects men and women.

Most Common Symptoms of Depression in Men

Some behavioral signs of depression may manifest differently in men and women. One example is alcohol and drug use, which tends to be more common among men with depression. Also, men are more likely to exhibit increased anger and risky behavior. On the other hand, men tend to avoid talking about their emotions and feelings. So, some of the signs of depression in men are often the following:

7-Frustration: Men with depression tend to experience more frustration due to depression-related symptoms.

8-Irritability and aggressiveness: Men with depression are more likely to adopt more aggressive attitudes. In fact, it can lead to more anger and fights with others.

9-Drug addiction: Men can turn to alcohol and drugs to deal with all the symptoms associated with depression. This ends up being counterproductive as it emphasizes the symptoms of depression.

10-Social Isolation: Also, they often avoid family or social situations, isolating themselves due to the sadness they feel.

11-Obsessive work: Men also tend to avoid symptoms of depression through obsessive work which may involve not even taking adequate breaks.

12-Obsession with control: Male depression can also cause people who suffer from it to become more controlling or abusive in their relationships.

13-Composition Risky behavior: This includes engaging in gambling or even engaging in sexually inappropriate behavior.

14-Suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide: Men with depression are more likely to engage in suicidal behavior or kill themselves.

One theory regarding the differences that may occur between depression in women and men is that these behavioral changes may result from men trying to mask depression. This attempt to hide depression can cause men to engage in self-destructive behaviors.

Why is male depression often undiagnosed?

As mentioned above, statistics indicate that women are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression as men. However, this may be because male depression is underdiagnosed. This may be due to the following reasons:

Not recognizing depression: In many cases, people think that the main symptom of depression is sadness, but for men, that’s not necessarily the case.

Minimize signs and symptoms: Men may not recognize or admit that they are depressed. They may also end up suppressing, ignoring, or masking the depression.

Not talking about symptoms of depression: Men aren’t always willing to talk about their feelings with family or friends, let alone with a professional psychologist.

Treatment resistance: Even if they suspect they have depression, men may avoid the diagnosis or refuse treatment.

How to help a man with depression? What is the treatment for depression?

There are different ways to treat a depressive disorder. In fact, psychotherapy and more specifically cognitive behavioral therapy techniques are generally used to treat the symptoms of a depressive disorder. In some more serious cases, this treatment may be combined with medication.

How to deal with male depression?

Besides consulting a professional psychologist, some lifestyle changes can help you manage the symptoms of depression:

1-Create structure: Having and sticking to a daily routine can help offset feelings of guilt associated with depression.

2-Divide tasks: People with depression often have trouble concentrating. They can try to divide the most important tasks into smaller tasks that they think they can accomplish.

3-Practice yoga, mindfulness, or meditation: These practices are not only helpful in reducing stress levels, but they can also help manage symptoms of depression.

4-Talk to your friends and family: Sharing your feelings with other people can make the symptoms of depression less overwhelming.

5-Avoid alcohol and drugs: Reducing or eliminating the use of alcohol and other drugs can improve mood.

How to help a depressed man?

If you detect signs of depression in a friend, partner or family member, it is essential to try to talk about it with them and encourage them to seek therapy with a professional psychologist. With someone who is depressed, it’s important to be very patient as they can sometimes be irritable towards you. When this happens, you should always try to discuss these issues without judgment. With proper treatment and support, a man with depression can overcome this disorder.

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