The benefits of qi gong on our health and well-being

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Do you know qi gong? This is a popular practice in China dating back millennia. It finds its essence in Indian yoga from which it takes certain key elements. Its adaptation to Chinese realities was made according to three main philosophical currents. Namely Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Regardless of the current taken into account, it should be noted that it is a discipline that exploits the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. The benefits of qi gong and those of acupuncture are therefore not so distinct. I invite you to continue reading to find out more.

Literally, qi gong means: “breath control”. It is indeed a discipline that allows the practitioner to control his breathing through static postures, dynamic sequences, self-massage and slow, gentle, harmonious movements.

Focus on qigong

The objective is to mobilize and nourish the energy that drives us in order to strengthen our vitality. The benefits of qi gong on our human nature are numerous. Finding inner calm, balancing body, breath and mind, connecting to the inner self among others.

Although there are several forms or techniques of qi gong, they are almost all based on the same principles. According to the Federation of Energy Art Qi-Gong Teachers (FEQGAE), qi gong is based on 3 principles:

  • Slow and relaxed body movements,
  • Breathing techniques synchronized with the gesture,
  • An education in concentration.
    The benefits of qi gong on the body therefore come from all of these elements. We will generally remember that the static postures make it possible to control the vital energy. The movements for their part work the muscles and joints, also strengthen them, a bit like when practicing tai chi.

Qigong is accessible to everyone. Indeed, age and even less physical or mental condition prevent the execution of its various techniques. It is also possible to perform them instead of the preliminaries of any physical or intellectual activity. It is enough to execute the postures well in order to benefit from the many benefits of chi gong. Especially since fixed postures and movements are beneficial in many ways.

Benefits of qi gong: the effects of each posture

It is important to know all the postures of traditional Chinese gymnastics to enjoy the benefits of chi gong. These are 20 essential movements which are divided into four groups which are: the general movements, the “sky” part, the man part and the “earth” part. Each of them solicits specific areas of the body and causes specific effects.

For example, we have the posture of the rider which allows the practitioner to strengthen the stability of their legs. The subject will therefore be able to perform it to improve his posture. This helps reduce lower back pain and allow you to perform your activities freely.

The posture of “heaven communicating with the earth” is, for its part, ideal for enjoying the benefits of qi gong while refueling for the day.

Regarding the posture of “ Water and fire harmonize ”, it acts effectively against stress and improves cardiovascular functions. By practicing this posture regularly, you can develop your self-confidence.

There are also 6 static postures of Qi Gong:

  • Lying posture;
  • The opening of the cloud door;
  • The green dragon is resting on the earth;
  • Feed the energy of Dan Tian;
  • Tree posture;
  • Wuji posture.
    These help to take root, to circulate energy throughout the body, or more specifically in one part. You can combine it with specific breathing techniques to strengthen your energy.

Thus the benefits of qi gong vary according to the postures adopted by the practitioners. It is therefore necessary to apply them with great precision to minimize the risks. Being accompanied by a specialist can then prove to be essential. Group practice is also a preferred alternative.

The health wonders of qigong

Qigong offers several benefits for both our body and our mind. These virtues have been known to the Chinese for centuries. Nowadays, Western scientific research confirms the fact that this practice can help prevent and manage a number of health problems. In addition, they realized that qi gong brought a multitude of benefits to the elderly and those suffering from chronic stress.

The benefits of qigong on the brain

Practicing qi gong leads us to make a constant effort to remember what needs to be done at each moment.

The faculties relating to memory are therefore used almost constantly during the sessions. A child practicing this discipline will therefore obtain better school results. Similarly, an elderly person can improve their cognitive abilities and prevent memory problems by practicing this activity.

In addition, the creativity of the subject also increases. The latter therefore becomes more productive. The practice of qigong can therefore affect a person’s professional results. But on top of that, his ability to integrate into society is gradually improving.

Better manage stress

It is a very effective relaxation activity that everyone can practice without any danger. The movements are indeed supple and relaxed, favoring the relaxation of the muscles. Nervous tensions are dissipated and the practitioner finds an optimal state of well-being. The absence of stress is therefore one of the benefits of qi gong. This results in greater self-confidence and improved skills in several areas. It is also an effective approach in the fight against high blood pressure and psychological distress.

Improved breathing capacity

Breath control is one of the major pillars of qi gong. Diligent practice of this discipline will therefore improve your breathing rate. The intensity of the exercises can therefore be adjusted according to the sensations experienced by the practitioner himself. He also has more control over his emotions. This allows him to remain realistic in all circumstances.

In short, here are the benefits of qigong:

  • Reduction of chronic pain;
  • Vitality;
  • Reduction of hypertension;
  • Better stress management;
  • Better sleep;
  • Greater flexibility;
  • Memory maintenance;
  • Improved health.

Up to you !

Have you ever practiced qigong? What benefits has it given you? We will be happy to learn from your experience. Do not hesitate to share the article on social networks if you liked it.

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