Become An Alpha Male by Mastering Your Confidence, Self Esteem & Charisma



If you're competing with a wolf man you have no chance... so be one!

– Wolf Male

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How to have charisma?

To have charisma is to have an attitude, a way of being or even a personality that arouses the admiration of others. In general, this is a natural quality, but it is entirely possible to learn to be charming. Men who are endowed with it attract opportunities, seduce, have an...

How to become more attractive? beauty tips for men

Many men desire to become more handsome, and this is understandable. They want to seduce, be more confident, find success in social life or simply feel good about themselves. They then try to do what is necessary to get there. For this, they take care of their appearance. They go...

Alpha male

Self-esteem is the ability you have to believe in yourself and your qualities and abilities. It is very important to have a good dose of it to face life! Unfortunately, our self-esteem is undermined during adolescence (hormones, that wound), and it does not go up as easily as your sex...

a guy being nervous with girls

You meet this girl every day, and yet, each time you find yourself in front of her, your nervousness takes you into a hellish whirlwind. The only solution you find to no longer suffer this fear is to rub shoulders with this girl for as little time as possible and...

How to Overcome Lack of Motivation: 3 Techniques to Get Things Done

You don't want anything. You don't want to work, don't want to play sports, don't want to study, don't want to get up in the morning. You lack motivation for everything. As a result, instead of accomplishing your tasks, you procrastinate. You hang around on your phone, you spend hours...

7 Types of Rest You Need to Adopt for a More Productive Life

For a long time I thought that rest was useless. I felt that every minute spent doing nothing was wasted time and that the only thing that mattered for success was hard work. So I took very few breaks and worked until I was exhausted. I was one of those...

how to improve self-esteem

“Self-esteem is to the mind, what food is to the body.” – A. Maslow I don't know about you, but there are times when I feel like I'm not doing a good job, or when I think I should have done more, or when incidents happen and I don't feel...

5 rules for receiving respect in the workplace

“Respect for ourselves guides our values; respect for others guides our behavior.” –Laurence Sterne Do you feel that others don't listen to you, ignore your feelings, or never retain your ideas? In the end you don't seem to matter to others, you are taken for granted. It happens when you...

How to be patient? 5 proven ways to develop your patience

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” – ARISTOTLE- Being patient is the ability to accept or tolerate waiting, difficulty or dissatisfaction without getting angry or upset. It is a quality that makes our daily lives more pleasant and less stressful. It is thanks to her that we are...

17 tips to help you save money fast

These 17 tips for saving money fast just might help you reach your savings goals in record time. While it may seem odd to save during a pandemic, having a set goal during uncertain times can be a source of stability - to some extent. It can also allow you...


It's possible for any man, no matter how fragile, to become an alpha male, but it takes a significant amount of self-improvement and effort to develop an alpha personality.

Typically, alpha males are considered to be "real men" who sit at the pinnacle of social status. They possess a powerful personality that affords them greater access to resources such as money, power, and social connections.


An Alpha Male values and protects his partner, and nurtures important relationships.
True Alpha Males are gentlemen of principle, who treat others with respect and do not exhibit abusive or arrogant behavior.

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To be an alpha male, action is necessary to support one's thoughts. Having clarity of goals can relieve the confusion caused by the mind. The strength of spirit helps overcome obstacles and fight against injustice.