Men’s high-waisted pants: why choose it?

Men's high-waisted pants: why choose it?

Why and how to choose men’s high-waisted pants? What outfits go perfectly with this type of pants? What body type do you need to have to be able to wear high-waisted pants correctly? I tell you everything you need to know in this article. Let’s go !

In a man’s life, there are moments you never forget. For me, this has been the case many times before. When Zinédine Zidane, for example, sent France to the roof of the world in 1998. Or when the Playstation 3 came to revolutionize the video game industry shortly after 2006.

More recently, I had this same feeling again when I discovered that high-waisted pants can perfectly fit the masculine lines of our figure.

This may seem surprising, because the high-waisted pants were until then exclusively reserved for women and their ultra-feminine silhouettes. It must be said that we have all been rocked by the influence of men’s fashion and its cult of low-rise pants for men.

Remember the time when virtually every man on this planet proudly wore their jeans in low rise fashion. You know, that period when it was more than normal to leave your jeans flush with your buttocks, with your little pink boxer shorts sticking out nicely.

We owe this broad democratization of the male low waist to the fashion of the 2000s and the advent of hip-hop and streetwear style. Fortunately, for the past few months, high-waisted pants have been making their way into men’s locker rooms again.

The latter is even becoming ultra trendy again and you will see for yourself that practically all the guys will very quickly start to follow the movement. Very elegant, ultra chic, high-waisted men’s pants even offer many advantages to your morphology and your silhouette.

Without forgetting that it is now available for all outfits and for all possible clothing styles. This is what we will see in this article!

Men’s high-waisted pants: what exactly are they?

But what exactly are high-waisted pants for men? There is nothing very complicated to understand there. First of all, you should know that there are three types of trouser sizes for men (as for women for that matter).

  • low-rise pants are, as we saw earlier in this article, pants that are worn quite low at the waist. It is far from the navel and is actually placed just at the level of the beginning of the pubis. Low-waisted pants have long been in fashion, especially with jeans that were worn very low and left the boxer shorts visible.
  • the medium waist pants are the second type of size that can be found. It is the most common of all. And it’s probably the one you’re wearing right now. It is a fairly neutral type of size and is as natural as possible. It is worn right above the pubis and below the navel.
  • the high-waisted pants are then positioned much higher than the last one. The amount is very long and the belt is almost positioned on the navel. Some high-waisted pants even sit squarely above the navel.

Note that for tailors or dressmakers, high-waisted pants most often designate for them pants that are placed above the navel. The latter then consider pants that come to be placed just below the navel as mid-rise pants.

In any case, the vast majority of the textile industry does not make this difference and considers that pants that are positioned near or above the navel are indeed high-waisted.

Why wear high waisted pants when you’re a man?

As I pointed out in the introduction to this article, high-waisted pants can be very advantageous for men who dare to wear them. The vast majority of guys can afford to wear this type of pants, which is already a great advantage.

  • Thus, almost all male morphologies are suitable for high-waisted pants. This one has the power to lengthen the legs of the wearer in a very beautiful way. It will therefore only be inadvisable if you have very long legs and a small bust.
  • For the rest, high-waisted pants adapt to all body types. It is also perfectly recommended for men who have more bust than legs. This then comes to perfectly rebalance the look and the silhouette.
  • If you have a fairly neutral and natural body shape that sounds very balanced – with a bust and legs that are roughly the same size – high-waisted pants are also for you.
  • More generally, the high-waisted pants are really interesting, because they adapt to both short and very tall guys. If you’re a tall man and you choose high-waisted pants, these will make your bust appear squarer and wider.
  • Conversely, if you are rather small in stature, high-waisted pants will make you taller and lengthen your silhouette. We love !

How to wear your high waisted pants? Some styling examples

You understood, unless you have legs that are much larger than your bust, high waisted pants are literally made for you. The latter is in addition to that very elegant, very chic and really very trendy at the moment. It gives a nice touch of style to whoever wears it.

It is quite easy in stores to find high waisted pants for men. However, what remains difficult is to imagine how to combine these pants in an outfit that is perfectly realized.

To help you in this difficult task, I leave you just below these lines some examples of styles of outfits that you can copy with high waisted pants for men.

High pants in a chic and elegant outfit

The high waisted pants can be used in a very chic and very elegant outfit. For a wedding, an evening, or a meal where you have to be well dressed. To act in this way, it should be noted that the shirt or sweater must of course be tucked into the pants, in order to best bring out the elongated side of the legs that the high-waisted pants give.

High-waisted pants for a workwear look

Now let’s move on to an outfit that is more recommended for going to work and going to the office. The workwear look is a style that I like a lot because it allows you to combine the comfortable with the elegant. To go to work, you have to show a minimum of elegance while still choosing comfortable clothes. This is indeed the workwear look.

High-waisted pants for a casual look

But in life, you also sometimes have to know how to take advantage of your free time to relax. Here, in this relaxing outfit, the high-waisted pants also find their place. With an open and wide shirt or a very simple and comfortable sweater, nothing too complicated!

The high-waisted pants in a sporty outfit

To finish this small selection of looks with high-waisted pants, here is a sporty outfit that includes high-waisted pants. Jogging is also changing with high waists, and the effect is pretty cool. Like what, it is possible to be elegant and chic with an ultra sporty set!

This is now the end of this article on high waisted pants for men. I hope you enjoyed this moment. See you soon. Until then, I hope you finally wear high-waisted pants. Come on, next time!

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