How To Turn Man Boobs Into Pecs ?

Man Turn Boobs Into Pecs

Some men complain of gynecomastia, when they are simply chubby and therefore have more breasts than pecs. It is true that breasts in a man are moderately sexy while women are ready to pay rather expensive for it.

If we therefore exclude the real endocrine problem characterized by an excess of estrogen, which can generally still be corrected with a specific diet and appropriate training, the breast fat present in some men is mainly due to a bad food that is too rich and too fatty. It starts with the abdominal buoy around forty in men, then the fat goes up higher, lodges in the breasts, if we do nothing…

The sedentary seated position is even more compromising for this type of storage, because the body is carried forward, with a tendency to hunched the shoulders. Which is already less visible when you correct the posture by pulling the shoulders back.

1. First step: review the diet

“A rich diet creates an environment conducive to estrogen.”

There is little to be expected from a specific pectoral training to locally eliminate fat, without any other radical change in your habits. The priority is to review your diet, eliminating anything that is too sweet, too fatty, too salty, because this type of rich diet creates an environment conducive to estrogen and unfavorable to testosterone.

Everyone has heard that to get more testosterone, you have to start by losing weight. It is also obvious that alcohol is not recommended, neither beer nor other types of alcohol and that it is better to drink plenty of water.

Sleep time will also be decisive because it is during your sleep that growth hormone and testosterone are released. During the night, the closer you get to 8 hours of sleep, the more conducive it is to optimal hormone levels. And better rested, you will have a better ability to train while if you are tired, you will want to eat even more and your body fat rate will be directly affected.

With a serious diet oriented towards cutting, the excess fat will gradually leave you and you will be able to train your pecs (without forgetting the rest of your body).


2. Second step: testosterone boosters.

The drop in testosterone is one of the main causes of fat gain and breast swelling, combined with abdominal weight gain. Hormone boosters, coupled of course with the right diet and exercise, help get everything back in order and boost testosterone levels and some, like the brand new E-sterone, are even fortified with ingredients capable of preventing estrogen from building up and causing fat storage.

Low testosterone is one of the leading causes of breast fat gain

Xenatest is the ultimate testosterone booster formula that combines all the factors. The ideal is to combine it with E-Sterone which, as its name does not indicate, is above all an anti-estrogen. The former elevates testosterone levels, while the latter prevents estrogen from competing with this key hormone for muscle growth. The whole associated together makes it possible to reboost the muscle gain, to restart the natural hormones and to facilitate the loss of fat on the critical zones, where it settles precisely in the event of a drop in testosterone.

3. Third step: movements that target the pecs

Here are the “special pecs” movements to perform in a circuit of three series, 10 repetitions per exercise:

  • Bench : This is the must-have exercise for the pectorals that works the entire upper body, even if it is sometimes criticized because it solicits other muscles in a significant way, but as regards the pectorals, shoulders and triceps we haven’t done anything better yet, even if you don’t lift very heavy at first, you will reap the benefits. You can also do the arm-by-arm variation, which stabilizes your shoulders and keeps your stronger arm from doing all the work with the barbell.
  • The pumps : This traditional move is a must-have, not only does it work your arms and pecs, but it wraps your entire body and is a great exercise for getting back in shape. Keeping the body tight and perfectly straight without cheating is difficult but extremely effective.
  • Pull-ups : It’s true again that it doesn’t just target the pectorals, but no other movement is more recommended for a “V” body, because by widening the back and strengthening the arms, the pull-ups reduce the importance of the breasts for the benefit of the pectorals. You can easily slip it between two other exercises that do not use the same muscles, which is also a way to increase the intensity of your training by reducing rest times.
  • Parallel bars dips : The pectorals do not resist it. You have to stand between the bars with your hands pronated and go up and down while controlling the movement, with the sole strength of your pectorals and your arms, legs crossed.
  • Kettlebells : If there is one in your room, take advantage of it, this movement strengthens all the muscles without directly targeting the pectorals, while helping you to work on the stability of your body. In addition, it is a calorie-consuming movement, which will help you eliminate body fat. It involves performing a squat by swinging and holding the kettlebell, starting with your arms straight in front of you and descending towards the ground between your thighs.
  • Burpees : It is a complete exercise, a mix between cardio exercise and muscle strengthening, because you start in a squat, go down in a push-up and finish in a jump with your arms in the air. It looks easy like that, but it’s much less so when you chain them in series without rest time. It is good for the muscles and for the breath. For fitness, it is effective to do a little each day. And when you’re on the hunt, adding it to your training boosts the intensity.

If it is possible to take pecs by training them, it is only by getting rid of their layer of fat, by dieting and with the help of hormonal boosters, to raise testosterone levels, that they will be visible as such.

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