How to gain a woman’s trust ?

gain a woman's trust

Gaining a woman’s trust is not always easy, especially if she has had a reason to distrust you. However, if you can convince her that you’re a trustworthy guy who just wants to take care of her, you’ll be well on your way to building a lasting relationship. Keep in mind that if she’s lost her trust in you, she may have a hard time forgiving you, but you can always make an effort and try to regain her trust.

First thing, start gradually

Offer a sincere apology if you have made a mistake.

When your girlfriend is rightly suspicious of you, such as if you cheated on her, had intimate relationships with other girls, broke sugar on her back, or just assumes that your intentions are not avowable, you’d better offer him a sincere apology. Look her straight in the eye, take it easy, and clearly admit your mistake. Also show that you are ready to fix your clumsiness.

  • Don’t make excuses for unfair or hurtful behavior. Instead, emphasize your regrets and your promises not to repeat your mistakes in the future.
  • Saying “I’m sorry to have upset you so much” can sound like a reproach. Instead, say, “I’m so sorry for acting like such a badass. I am responsible for everything. »
  • Sure, no one said apologizing is easy, but if you’re serious about winning back your friend’s trust, it’s better to act on it than deny your mistakes.

Be patient with her.

If you’ve done something wrong and you want her to forgive you, or if your friend needs some time to cheer up and you value her trust, then you need to give her time to heal. flourish and feel comfortable with you. You risk ruining everything if you skip the steps because she is not willing enough or if, after a few weeks, your relationship has not developed enough. If she withdrew her trust from you after a deception, in this case the ball is really in her court and it could take many weeks to reconsider her decision.

  • If you cheated on your girlfriend with another, you have no right to get angry, because she is slow to come back to you, because everything depends on her now.
  • If she’s having trouble trusting you or has been hurt by friends before, it’s best to reassure her that you’re different. If you get impatient, you might scare her off. Instead, show her you care.

Don’t force him to go faster than his pace.

If you want to earn his trust, you have to give him time to make up his mind. If you want to get more intimate, bring her out to meet your friends, or spend a weekend together, make sure she’s willing to listen to you before you go ahead. She must not feel overwhelmed by events, otherwise she will be frightened. Instead, let things happen naturally and you’ll see that she’ll be willing to go with you, but she needs a bit of time to make up her mind.

If you’re really impatient, it might be best to move on and find another friend who is more willing.

Don’t betray his trust.

Of course, this is one of the best ways to gain a young girl’s trust. Be honest and upfront and show him that you are credible. If she thinks you’ll stand her ground or that you can’t keep a secret or if you flirt with other girls when her back is turned, then yes, you’ll have a hard time earning her trust. Instead, make an effort to be the best man or friend you can be and she’ll see that she has nothing to worry about.

Loyalty and candor are your best assets. Above all, avoid giving him the impression that you are constantly lying or that you are using devious means to get out of trouble.

Tell the truth and reassure her, if for example you go out with another friend one-on-one, do not lie about it, especially if there was nothing between you. If your friend learns from a third party that you are dating another girl, she will be much less inclined to trust you.

If you’re lying, even for trivial reasons, it’s best to sincerely apologize.

Be reliable.

This is another way to gain your friend’s trust. If you promised to meet her at 8 a.m., show up at least five minutes early so she doesn’t have to wait for you. If she needs help setting up a shelf, be there at the right time to assist her. If you’re used to going to class together, don’t let her down, even for one day. Show her that she can count on you at all times.

If she calls you on the phone, be sure to answer right away. Don’t disappear for hours when you know she needs your help.

Be by her side, even if she’s just looking for a shoulder to cry on. It’s important that she feels that you are approachable and willing to help her.

Don’t be secretive with your phone.

Nothing will attract a girl’s suspicion more than a boy who protects his phone with a password and often goes outside to answer mysterious calls. Delete your phone’s password unless you’re really worried it might be stolen. In this case, be sure to discuss this issue with her. When someone calls you, allow your friend to see who it is before you answer and avoid sneakily texting when you’re with her unless you’re letting her know you’re exchanging messages with a friend. regarding the Warframe video game.

Of course, you can say that your phone is yours and you don’t have to let your friend access it to gain her trust. But, if before you used your phone for an unmentionable purpose, you had better not look like a repeat offender.

The same goes for your computer. If you immediately close your laptop as soon as she enters the room, she will have a good reason to be suspicious of you.

Be honest with her.

If you want to trust a girl, the best way is to be honest with her. It means you have to tell him the truth. Tell him where you go with your classmates. Also tell him what you did during the evening. If you would like her to accompany you more often to concerts, do not hesitate to suggest it to her. She will appreciate your candor and tend to trust you more easily than when you only tell her the truth once in a while.

But if you’ve really decided to hide something from him, a white lie from time to time is not a big deal. For example, if you think her new haircut is a little too harsh, you can keep your comments to yourself.

Second thing: To conquer

Confide in her.

If you really want her to trust you, you have to confide in her. Talk to him about your thoughts, your fears, your childhood, the dramas you live with your friends or other questions that concern you. If you open your heart to her, she will have more reason to trust you, because you share your ideas with her. You don’t need to scare your friend by revealing an incredible amount of personal details when you’ve only just met, but over time you’ll come to talk more about yourself.

If you reveal important things to her, she will see that you think she is really interesting and that you will like her.

The more you trust her, the more comfortable she will be in reciprocating you. That said, she may not be comfortable opening up so quickly. Therefore, it should not be forced to reveal itself more quickly than it can do.

If you tell her secrets, she will understand that you really care about her. Of course, you should only do this if you are convinced.

Be there to support her during difficult times.

If you really want to earn her trust, you have to convince her that you’re not with her just to have a good time. If she’s had a fight with her best friend or she’s had a hard week at work or she’s just down on her luck, then it’s up to you to be there to comfort her. If she thinks you’re only interested in hugging and going out, she’ll find that she really can’t trust you. Show him that you are there for better and for worse.

If you want her to see you as someone she can really rely on, you should support her when she’s in trouble. Do not be desperate if she is irritated by nothing and wait until she is better disposed.

If you really want a lasting relationship with this girl, you have to accept her mood swings. The same is true for you too, isn’t it?

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Be careful with her.

Another way to gain her trust is to listen to her when she talks. Look her straight in the face and don’t interrupt. Show her that you really listen to everything she says. Don’t give her advice unless she asks you to. To show her that she has your full attention, forget your phone and don’t be distracted. Take the time to understand what she’s telling you, whether it’s a fight with her mom or a career choice she needs to make. The most important thing is for her to be convinced that you are really paying attention to what she is saying.

Don’t look bored while waiting for her to finish talking, so you can tell her about your day.

Plus, you’ll have to really memorize and follow what she says. For example, if she tells you about an important test she will have during the week, you can wish her good luck the day before the test.

Show your commitment.

To truly earn your friend’s trust, you have to show her that you’re willing to make commitments. This includes putting your arm around her in public, introducing her to your friends, sharing your long-term plans with her, and generally making it clear to her that you take your relationship seriously. If you haven’t booked tickets to a concert in the past two months, she may be wondering. If you’re sweet with her in private, but in public you treat her as just a friend or like your sister, she can see that you don’t want people to think your relationship is serious.

Of course, if she’s not ready to commit, you don’t have to insist that she does. But if you’re on the same page, make it clear to her that you’re willing to go the extra mile for her.

Check in on her. If you haven’t seen your friend in a day or two, be sure to call or at least text her if you’re really busy. So you will prove to her that even if she is far from you, you still think of her.

Try to get to know his friends and family members.

If you really want to earn their trust, you have to be willing to make an effort with their friends and family. Be nice to her friends, take care of them and show them how much you love your friend. Treat their family with care and respect, and take the time to get to know them and become familiar with them. If you’re nice to your girlfriend, but haven’t spent enough time with her friends or family, your behavior will be like a red flag that will cause her not to trust you.

Don’t worry if you haven’t met his parents because you’re shy. It’s completely natural. It is very important to be nice and friendly with them. You should also dress and behave properly in their presence. Make an effort with them, especially during your first meeting.

Keep your promise.

If you really want to win her over and earn her trust, you have to keep your commitments. If you tell him you’re going to babysit his dog over the weekend while he’s away, don’t back down by pretending at the last minute that you have a last-minute surprise. If you say you’re going to take him to the doctor when his car is being repaired, show up at the agreed time. If you tell her you’ll be loyal and honest, show her that she can trust you.

Keep your promises, because it can make a big difference, even if it’s the small things, like buying her lunch at a restaurant. If she feels she can’t even trust you to go to a restaurant, she’ll doubt your ability to keep important promises.

If you happen to be late or forget a promise you made, be sure to apologize. Assure him that such a situation will not happen again. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to make an effort to let her know she can count on you.

Third thing: Have a deep relationship

Take care of her.

If you want to have a deep relationship with a girl who trusts you, one of the most important things to do is show her that you care about her. Tell her you love her, give her compliments, hang out with her, schedule romantic dates, and tell her you’re lucky because you’re with her. Never let go of your attention believing that you have definitely won your friend over, because she may not trust you anymore because she thinks your interest in her is waning.

You don’t have to smother her with kisses and hugs all the time, especially if that’s not your cup of tea. However, you have to find a way to be caring each time you’re together.

To show her that you care about her, don’t wait until Valentine’s Day or her birthday to give her a gift. It’s the intention that counts, not the price.

Send her love letters to surprise her when she’s having a bad day. If you do it when she least expects it, she will get hit.

Learn to compromise.

To really create a serious relationship with your friend and earn her trust, you must have a sense of compromise. Show her that you can do things differently and that you’re also looking to make her happy. Even when trying to win back her trust, you don’t always have to agree with her, otherwise she’ll think you’re a flabby. Instead, try to have serious conversations to weigh the pros and cons of a decision and find a solution that can make you both happy.

She’ll be more willing to trust you if you really consider her thoughts and feelings, instead of trying to be right all the time.

Sometimes you just have to give in and let her see the movie she likes or go to the restaurant she craves. This formula is acceptable as long as your friend sometimes accepts your proposals.

Don’t look for perfection.

You may think that in order to earn your friend’s trust, you have to be perfect all the time and never disappoint her. Of course, you have to be loyal and credible, but avoid being overzealous in being absolutely perfect. Make an effort to be the best person you can be and she’ll feel like she can really trust you. That said, this is no excuse for cheating, as this solution is never acceptable.

If you happen to be late for a date, just apologize and show her that you’re sorry. As long as you don’t make it a habit, she’ll appreciate it when you admit your mistake.

It is also acceptable to say “I don’t know”. If you want her to trust you, you don’t always have to display an unshakeable certainty in yourself. In fact, she may even be more willing to trust you if she knows you’re honest about your feelings.

Be open.

To earn his trust, you can also share your feelings with him. Show her your desire to confide in her, to be frank and to want to break down the obstacles that separate you. Although you don’t need to reveal all of your secrets, you should try to be upfront and honest when telling him what you did last weekend or when talking about your concerns about your studies at college. ‘university. If you’re upfront on a regular basis, she’ll see that she can trust you in the long run.

If something worries you, you should feel comfortable talking about it with her, even if it’s a bit embarrassing or the nature of her reaction might worry you. If you’ve never told her about your problems, she may think she can’t tell you either.

If you had a bad day, you can be upfront about it and explain to her what happened. You don’t want her to think you’re trying to cover it all up. If you hide things from her, she will do the same.

Make an effort to communicate.

To maintain a great relationship with a girl who trusts you, you have to have an open mind and be willing to communicate with her. You can’t continually put off his attempts to talk about a certain topic. On the contrary, you should encourage him to talk to you about things that interest him. When she does, be available and listen. If you have something to say, don’t interrupt and say what’s on your mind instead of being passive or aggressive.

Good relationships are based on smooth communication. If you want to earn your friend’s trust for a long time, you need to make her feel like you’re okay with changing your relationship and sharing your feelings with her.

On the other hand, she won’t be very confident if she hesitates to share her feelings with you, because she thinks you might be angry or dismissive.

Give it time.

If you want to have a good relationship with your friend and if you really want to earn her trust, you have to spend time showing her the importance you place on her. If you’re with your classmates too often or if you don’t answer the phone for hours, she may be reluctant to trust you because she doesn’t know what you’re up to when you’re not around. Make an effort to be with her, to meet her regularly and let her know your schedule when you’re not together. Keep your commitments on time, because it is essential to gain his trust.

If you know you won’t be answering the phone for a few hours because you’ll be in a long meeting or watching a movie, you can text her to say hello and let her know what you’re up to. Of course, you don’t have to account for everything, as it can be exhausting, but if you let your friend know about your schedule, she will really be encouraged to trust you.

By spending time with her, you will show her that she is the center of your universe. This is essential to encourage him to trust you and believe in you.

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