How To Dress Well: The 11 Rules All Men Should Learn

By dressing properly, men can look so confident, attractive, and presentable that any company would want to hire them or any woman would accept a date. Clothing is one of the first things others see and first impressions last a long time. With a few simple techniques, a man can dress well and impress everyone, every day.

By dressing properly, men can look so confident, attractive, and presentable that any company would want to hire them or any woman would accept a date. Clothing is one of the first things others see and first impressions last a long time. With a few simple techniques, a man can dress well and impress everyone, every day.

1. Dress according to the activities you are going to do and the image you want to convey.

It can be fun to dress fashionably, but if it doesn’t suit the current activity, you’ll look out of place.

Stay who you are and keep doing what you are doing. If you don’t play sports, avoid looking like you’ve just stepped out of a football game.

When dressing for work or for college, respect the culture of that environment. Make sure you project the appearance of a professional and knowledgeable man who knows exactly where he is.

When dressing for a job interview, ask your contact what kind of clothes candidates typically wear. Wear clothes that are classy, ​​but not stuck-up or rather business-like, because when it comes to a job interview it’s better to do too much than not enough.

If you attend professional networking events, industry conventions, or formal dinners, you should invest in a good suit. Choose a dark, classy color for any occasion (gray, dark blue, and black are great choices).

You can wear a shirt from your number one band or cover to show your inclinations, however ponder your garments prior to going out to ensure you don’t stick out.

For more formal occasions, try not to find yourself the worst-dressed person of the evening. Show your respect for the event and show that you are one hundred percent present. A suit will make you look more involved, more approachable, and more confident.

2. Consider your personality when choosing clothes.

You shouldn’t force yourself to become someone you’re not, and it’s very important that your clothes accentuate your true personality. Just make sure you don’t dress too inappropriately or project an image that doesn’t do you justice.

Dressing great doesn’t imply that you abruptly must know about the most popular trends and follow them with enthusiasm.

Dressing well also doesn’t mean you have to follow a lot of dress codes and wear “everything that well-dressed men wear”. The only thing you need to worry about is that you don’t have a classic button down shirt in your closet.

If you’re more of a relaxed and logical personality, it’s okay to have a simple wardrobe with a few well-made basics.

If you have more of a theatrical personality that likes to argue, it would be great to show it through your clothes. Still, try to hold yourself back a bit to make sure you don’t overstep the mark.

3. Choose your clothes carefully.

Dressing well means showing that you’re comfortable with yourself, it doesn’t mean hiding behind your clothes.

You can wear clothes that show what interests you, but avoid becoming a sandwich man for a certain brand, sports team or music group.

Avoid wearing t-shirts with offensive or sarcastic phrases written on them. You will be more attractive if you project an attractive image to the rest of the people.

Try not to look like you’re wearing a suit or uniform. Don’t dress in head-to-toe camouflage if you’re not going to hunt or fight.

If there’s a famous personality you admire, you can take inspiration from the way they dress. Just make sure you don’t forget your own interests and physical condition.

4. Know what kind of clothes look good on you.

You don’t have to have an ideal body to look good in what you wear. Clothes can make a big difference to the overall look of your body, and they can make you look taller or thinner than you are.

Think of your clothes as optical illusion makers. Look at the lines and shapes that your clothes draw on your body and draw conclusions about the optimal proportions.

The ideal man is tall with broad shoulders and narrower hips. Take an honest look in the mirror to find out if your body fits this description and find clothes that hide or accentuate the parts in question.

You can play around with these proportions a bit depending on the occasion and the people you are going to meet. Just be aware of how your clothes make your body look and think about how best to balance good proportions with aesthetic considerations.

Hip-hop clothing, for example, tends to be baggier, which can make a man look like a big bottom. Hipster clothes, on the other hand, will make you look slimmer. If that’s the image you want to give and if you’re not going to a social event or to the office, you can dress like that.

5. Know that the fit depends on more than your size.

The companies that make the clothes use standard measurements to determine size and fit to try to make them more easily worn by more people. People, on the other hand, often have slightly different bodies.

The fit is the most important aspect of any garment. It doesn’t matter if the item of clothing is cool or not, if it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

Take a look at how your body looks when you wear your chosen clothes and don’t be afraid to change sizes. In one store you might wear M, but in another it will be L.

Remember that cotton clothes will shrink a little the first time you wash and dry them. If you want to dry your cotton clothes, choose sizes that are slightly too large so that you can still wear it once it has shrunk. If you dry clean some clothes, you won’t have this kind of problem.

Find brands that are well suited to your body type. You will probably notice that certain brands and stores have clothes that fit you better and it will be wiser to buy your clothes there.

Find a good tailor. Sometimes clothes just don’t fit you, but they can fit you just by adjusting them. Many good clothing stores also have a low cost tailoring service if you buy your clothes from them.

For shirts, the seam at the beginning of the sleeve should be where your shoulder ends. The shirt should cover the waistband, but should not go lower than the buttocks.

A good shirt will fit correctly on the shoulder seam and on the round shoulder, the sleeve as for it must stop just before the wrist (where the hand joins the wrist more exactly).

As for pants, the waist should fit comfortably above the hips. The leg should come down to the top of the shoe, but it should not touch the ground.

As for bermudas, choose wider legs than for your pants. Bermuda shorts should come down to above or even in the middle of the knee.

European shirts generally have a different fit than American shirts. The European cut is generally slimmer and more form-fitting on the sides, while the American cut is wider and leaves more room for the body.

6. Choose the right colors.

The colors of your clothes reflect the color of your skin, your eyes and your hair and depending on your personal traits, some colors will make you look better than others. Colors can also improve your mood and you will look more fashionable wearing current colors.

Experiment with different colors and find the one that looks best on you. A good color should make your skin look healthy and not pale, blotchy or sickly. Your eyes should look clear and bright, not red with blood or tired.

If you have blue or green eyes, try wearing a blue shirt or tie to show them off. Be careful, some shades of red or brown could hide your eyes and make you look tired.

If you have fair skin and dark hair, you might consider wearing clothes that highlight this contrast. Light brown or khaki might make you look “washed out.”

The colors you wear should put you in a good mood and at ease. Pay attention to the emotions that the colors you wear make you feel. If you’re not comfortable wearing a certain color, don’t wear it, even if it’s trendy or the official color of your football team.

Some people love to wear light colors like yellow and orange, but these colors might make others feel uncomfortable.

You will probably notice when you go shopping that certain colors are more popular depending on the season, for example neon colors or mustard yellow. You may have these kinds of colors in your wardrobe, but remember to wear colors that make you feel comfortable and comfortable no matter what the fashion is.

Some colors are considered classic and never go out of style, for example brown, black, khaki, gray and navy blue. These are great colors to use, but again, consider your skin tone and how you feel when wearing these colors.

Buy clothes you wear every day and expensive clothes in those colors. This way you can wear them in different situations and for a long time.

Remember that even though these colors are “neutral”, they can still work to your advantage or against you. Black, for example, makes some people look too severe.

7. Wear the best quality clothes you can afford.

Choose quality and resistant materials. This is especially true for basic clothes like pants or for more formal clothes that you are going to wear and want to keep longer.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on your clothes, but always choose quality clothes. Try spending more money on bigger clothes and less money on trendy clothes or clothes that you’re going to wear for a short period of time, like t-shirts.

You will also find many quality items in second-hand stores. Also keep in mind that buying clothes from an expensive brand does not guarantee quality. Use your judgment when buying clothes, regardless of the store.

8. Don’t cut corners when buying accessories, especially shoes.

Often the difference between looking well dressed and looking stingy is in the details. Very good quality accessories can make simple clothes look chic.

Even if you feel like only women do it, you’ll be able to dress better for different occasions if you have multiple pairs of shoes. Different types of shoes will help you keep a trendy look and your shoes will also last longer.

Sneakers are perfect for the relaxed and sporty look. However, avoid wearing sneakers all the time unless you want to look like a teenager.

Black dress shoes are a must for more formal occasions. Although they are expensive, they are still a good investment, especially if you take good care of them. Try not to buy dress shoes with a square or too pointed toe, they won’t stay in style forever.

Suede shoes or high tops sit on the line between relaxed and formal, perfect for nights out on the town where you want to show off your wardrobe without overdoing it. Choose a neutral color like sand beige, brown or gray.

You could be detracting from the entire way you’re dressed by wearing shoes that look cheap or uncomfortable. Wearing shoes that don’t fit can also affect your posture and your mood, which will affect your overall appearance.

For formal occasions, don’t forget the tie. She can bring a lot of style to an ordinary costume.

Be careful with hats and caps, be sure to wear them well and wear them at the right time. The cap back never gives you a classy look. Also think about how your hair is going to look once you take off your hat.

Don’t wear too much jewelry. You don’t want to look like Mr. T or wear more jewelry than any woman in the room. You can, however, wear a nice watch or cufflinks.

9. Be comfortable, but not sloppy.

If you don’t feel comfortable, people will notice and it will make you less attractive. However, even if you feel more comfortable in sweatpants, a t-shirt and sneakers, it makes you look like an uncaring lazy guy.

There are many more presentable clothes that are also comfortable. It is possible to think about both your style and your comfort when choosing clothes.

Tuck your shirt into your pants, but don’t tuck the t-shirt. You probably hate tucking your shirt into your pants, but it’s this detail that shows you care about your appearance. Don’t try to hide your belly by leaving the shirt out of the pants, because the shirt in the pants actually makes you look slimmer.

If your clothes are made of a comfortable material, but you still don’t feel comfortable, there is probably a problem with the fit.

Always think about time. If you’ve been sweating or shivering, you’re not going to look like a set man.

10. Remember that poor hygiene or bad posture can ruin the best of costumes.

Always make sure you are clean, well-groomed and stand up straight.

Take care of your hygiene every day. No one is attracted to men who smell bad or look dirty.

Don’t put on too much cologne. Put on a little, because you will scare others away by putting on too much.

Get your haircut in a modern way that flatters you. A good haircut should show off your face. A good hairdresser can help you choose one.

Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed (if necessary) and well maintained.

Don’t slouch, fidget, or overdo the way you walk. Your clothes will make you look better if you behave with ease and confidence.

11. Your priority should be to leave your home feeling well dressed.

You never know who you’re going to run into and you always have to do your best to give the best impression.

Clothes are one of the first things people notice and usually the first impression is the right one.

You never know when you’re going to meet the woman of your dreams, a potential employer, or a TV news crew who wants to make a documentary about your life.

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