How Does a Man Feel After Breaking Up?

Man Feel After Breaking Up?

When two people separate, there is a great wave of emotions ranging from pain and anger, to confusion and deep sadness.

Each of us deals with our emotions in different ways, and I’ve found that men tend to do this a little differently than women.

After a breakup, women generally find it easier to open up to their friends and loved ones about the emotions they are feeling.

Discussing their past romantic relationship gives them the opportunity to analyze the situation, figure out what went wrong, and figure out what needs to happen next.

Men’s feelings after a breakup are also very complex, but many of them have an uncanny ability to bury those emotions and make it look like they’re just fine.

In our society, men are taught to be “tough” and “manly” and not to show their emotions. They are supposed to act like the alpha male, and that is why from an early age they learn to suppress their emotions.

Most don’t even realize what they’re doing, while others consciously hide their feelings from the rest of the world.

I know right now you’re probably wondering “How does he feel now that our love story has come to an end?” and wish you could read your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband’s mind.

It is true that it would make everything infinitely easier, but a lot of men repress their emotions. They bury themselves in their work, avoid talking about their feelings and the end of their married life in order to hide their heartache.

So how do you know how a man feels after a breakup? How to interpret his silences? And why do men leave us in the first place?

the 3 most common behaviors your ex-boyfriend is likely to exhibit after the breakup

Everyone knows how men are. They like to play tough, push their feelings deep inside and pretend they don’t care. But, in reality, they care a lot more than you might think.

Of course, they’ll make sure to keep a cold, calm exterior because they don’t want anyone to know how much they care – that could blow their cover.

So they shrug their shoulders and swallow whatever emotions they may be feeling. And you wonder what they might be thinking.

For women, it is difficult to get into a man’s head, especially after their beautiful love story has just ended. So, if you’re wondering how your ex feels after breaking up, you’re not alone!

It’s no secret that women tend to think too much and ask themselves too many questions.

So when we’re heartbroken after a man leaves us, we can’t help but question every minute detail of our relationship that led up to that breakup.

All we want is to understand, put ourselves in his shoes and understand what is really going on in his head. That said, thanks to its tough and closed-in appearance, we’re ultimately left with some unanswered questions.

But, from the moment they become aware of their feelings, they become a lot less big and strong than they want to appear.

Here’s the truth about how a man feels after breaking up with you: Even if he broke up with you, that doesn’t mean it didn’t crush him as much as you did.

He feels the same things you do. He hurts as much as you. He may pretend he doesn’t miss you or that he’s got his well-being back, but no one recovers from a breakup that quickly. It’s just not human nature.

You can’t get rid of someone just by snapping your fingers, especially if it’s someone you’ve shared a life with.

You’d think girls are the only ones with this awareness since men prefer to play tough, but believe me they’re way more emotional than you think, they just don’t like it admit it.

Men often say that women are complicated, but it’s quite the opposite! Women know how they feel when they get dumped, and they’re not afraid to talk about it.

Men, on the other hand, run away from any emotion they might feel for the woman they left behind and take that feeling to their grave – stubborn as mules.

Here are the most common behaviors your ex is likely to exhibit after the breakup, and what they really mean.

1. He has the “I don’t care” attitude.

He may act like the breakup had no effect on him, but it’s just a coping mechanism.

If he tries to act like he doesn’t care about you, the breakup, or anything else, know that in reality, it’s just the opposite.

Your ex wants to convince those around him, his family and your mutual friends that he can let go easily, forget his ex and move on. But, in general, men, just like women, need time to recover from a breakup.

They just don’t want to admit it and prefer to hide behind their calm and cold appearance.

2. He turns a deaf ear

Your ex will act like he’s too cool and may just ignore you. Love isn’t easy, and it hurts when someone you’ve been in a relationship with gets up and walks away from you completely.

That said, the good news is that the only reason he’s avoiding you is because the breakup hurt him deeply. It hurts him too much to see you and interact with you every day.

This is why for him, the right solution is to do everything in his power to get away from you completely.

3. He tries too hard to keep you friends.

There are men who, on the one hand, no longer want to be in a romantic relationship with you, but on the other hand, are not yet ready to completely cut ties.

Maybe he just doesn’t have romantic feelings for you anymore, but he still wants to keep your friendship intact.

There are a number of reasons why your ex might be trying a little too hard to maintain your friendship.

Usually it just means that he really likes you for who you are, but would rather have a friendly relationship with you than a romantic one.

How to interpret the silences of a man after a breakup?

Why doesn’t he call me? Why won’t he give me an explanation so that I can rest easy? What’s wrong with him? What have I done to deserve this? Did I really mean so little to him?

These are the questions that ring in our heads after a difficult breakup. Leaving a relationship without even the slightest conclusion can drive a girl crazy and cause many sleepless nights.

But the truth is, men resort to radio silence after a breakup for a reason, and here’s how to deal with it.

Sometimes the breakup is different from what we imagine and sometimes we don’t get all the answers we seek.

Do you think all people can easily take responsibility and admit their fears?

Sure, we all wish our partner cared enough to tell us the truth, even when it hurts, but that’s almost never the case.

Men deal with breakups in their own way and the best way for them to heal is to subject us to the silent treatment.

They don’t spend their days over-analyzing every second they spent with their ex, wondering where it all went wrong, or trying to pinpoint the exact moment they felt the end was near.

In fact, they don’t put much effort into thinking about the breakup. In their minds, it’s more about general conditions: how the breakup happened and what is the main reason it fell apart.

Their lack of overthinking leads them to radio silence, because they don’t need answers to their questions, they don’t want to know more than they already know.

They think that if they tried to get to the bottom of it, it could only hurt them more, which is why they prefer to stay quiet and safe in their simple mindset.

Women find it comforting to ask a friend for advice about a breakup, while men do the exact opposite.

A man may have a quick chat with his friends about “we broke up” and will probably call his ex “crazy” saying he “couldn’t go on like this anymore,” but that’s as far as it goes.

Guys skip the emotional aspect of a breakup and head for heavy drinking, dating to bars and nightclubs, doing whatever it takes to forget about the breakup.

Guys are just wired differently, they don’t need the same support as girls after a breakup.

Their reaction is silence because that’s the best way to deal with the emotions that overwhelm them, otherwise they wouldn’t know what to do with them.

To cope with a difficult situation, we girls need time to pause and reflect.

So, make this step easier, take a deep breath, and tell yourself, “I’m going to find a way out of this.” Don’t take your ex-boyfriend’s problems and make them your own.

Be aware that everyone has their own insecurities and not all of us can understand how they affect us.

The best thing you can do is see it as a sign from the universe telling you that it’s time to move on…

…and that someone worthy of you would never let you down like this. Remember the saying, “If this doesn’t work, something better will happen.” »

Even if you’re not considering a new relationship right away and those words seem silly and irritating to you right now, know that it’s the plain truth.

We don’t always get what we want, but we get what we need.

Change is inevitable. Change is a good thing. When something is supposed to happen, it happens.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always follow the course of our preconceptions of how things should be, and people aren’t always what we want and need them to be.

Life is not a long quiet river. Sometimes you will get an explanation and other times you will not. Sometimes the lack of a conclusion is the very lesson you needed to learn. Maybe you needed to learn to validate and accept yourself.

Think of your ex as a gift sent to you.

See your ex as a reflection of yourself. In your head, thank him for being part of your journey and send him back on his own path again.

If you’re waiting for your ex to give you permission to move on, maybe it’s time to dig deep and give it to yourself. To heal from an injury, you simply have to stop touching it.

Why do men leave you?

After a breakup, not having all the answers to the questions that plague us can be difficult. Every day you ask yourself, “Why did he leave me? “.

There are a lot of reasons why men leave their partner, but today we are going to mention the most common ones so that you can quickly relate your current situation to them.

Often, men have the impression that a relationship is no longer leading to anything because the woman has been too available or has fallen into emotional dependence. And that’s when a man starts taking her for granted.

When this happens in a man’s mind, he may still love you, but he may feel like you both need space so you can find yourself and be more in tune. with yourself and the future goals of the relationship.

Finally, another thing that we often encounter in relationships is when the man becomes unstable because he does not feel respected by his other half.

It is not uncommon for a man to come to believe that his partner is not listening to him and that he must constantly fight to have the last word.

But, to stop beating around the bush, let’s get to the heart of the matter and discover the 5 most common reasons a man chooses to break up.

1. He wants an independent, confident woman.

He wants a woman who, even if he leaves, will continue her life peacefully. A woman who will not come begging because she has enough confidence in herself to know her values and those of the relationship.

In other words, if you’re with him to feel better about yourself, you’re not the independent, confident woman he wants.

What usually happens in this kind of situation is that you cling to get love from him, which ends up making you look like someone who lacks affection, is clingy and dependent. from him.

In general, in this kind of situation of emotional dependence, the man ends up disrespecting his partner and taking her for granted.

It’s not because he’s a bad man, but because he sees how much you devalue yourself, which reduces his chances of loving you. Remember that it’s harder to love someone who doesn’t love themselves.

It’s also important to note that men are usually attracted to what they can’t have. So, if you play hard to get, it may attract his attention. This is why it is essential to be as independent as possible.

2. He wants a cheerful, quick-witted and attractive woman.

It may be something that got lost along the way in your relationship, especially if you’ve been together for a long time or several years of marriage.

For example, in times when you feel like you’re always arguing to the point of going in circles, the playfulness and seductiveness can get lost.

I see couples who struggle to let go of their insecurities, and even if they choose to give a second chance and forgive their partner for something they’ve done in the past, they never let go to the point that it ends up separating them.

Men like a woman to be playful with them because it is something that keeps them going.

3. He wants you to see him for what he is and not just what he can offer you.

Often I see men who feel like their wives are with them for what they are worth and for the successes they have had in the past.

These days, we’re taught that men should play tough, take charge, and be confident enough to never let their partner down.

And yet, they too are only human beings. A man needs to know that you have his back through whatever life throws at you because you see him for who he is.

Men generally have a hard time talking about their emotions, which is why it’s so important for their partner to show them support, love, care, and affection when they need it most.

That doesn’t mean showering him with love, but taking the time to understand him enough so that when he feels down, you can already tell by his change in behavior and actions.

4. He needs space

Men like to have time to be alone and do guy things. He needs to know that he doesn’t have to go everywhere you go.

And if you’re still checking his phone or his social media accounts to see what he’s been up to that day, that means there’s absolutely no space in your relationship and there’s other things, internal or external, that are problematic in your relationship.