Alpha Male: How to be at the top with women?

Alpha Male with woman

Hi, Alpha MALE !!! Would you like to be able to seduce the women you are attracted to without feeling the fear of failure? Do you want to develop your self-confidence and are you interested in the concept of the Alpha Male? How to boost your charisma, your charm and lead your life as you wish? After a breakup it is sometimes difficult to rebuild and maintain self-confidence. However, it is essential in order to move forward and not sink.

When I started my coaching activity in 2009, I immediately specialized in seduction assistance for men who wanted to seduce and establish a relationship with a woman who could really match them.

I then came across the famous book by John Alexander entitled “Alpha male, how to become a dominant man? “. Its title may sound a bit misogynistic and certain passages of this 176-page book that you will find here bring out a rather crude philosophy of the author, but I can guarantee you that there are still many tips in terms of personal development that will help you gain self-confidence, slowly but surely open up to seduction and get out of your comfort zone to take charge of your life.

This is how I discovered the concept of “Alpha Male” which had existed for a long time and which, in my opinion, is the definition of a charismatic man, who knows how to play with his charms and who has confidence in himself to conquer the heart. of a woman with whom he has affinities.

I share with you today all my experience, rich of several thousand hours of direct or indirect coaching in order to help you better understand how to assert yourself as a man and what are the solutions to help you see the life of the good side and gain self-esteem.

Before starting this article, I invite you to set a goal and do not hesitate to take action, starting by leaving me a comment with all your questions. I’ll answer you with pleasure !

An Alpha Male is simply an attractive man!

I am not talking here only about physical attraction because in reality the alpha male manages to develop other qualities that allow him to attract attention and therefore to please thanks to his charisma as well as his charm.

To become an alpha male, you will have to “invest” in yourself, and do everything to act with naturalness and spontaneity. Do not try to play a role or build an ideal that does not look like you because you would go against nature and you will become disillusioned very quickly. On the contrary, your values, your personality, your dreams, your desires must become the center of what you are going to send back to others.

If I had to define the concept of “alpha male” I would simply say that he is a man capable of following his desires and maintaining a positive view of his daily life by giving himself the means to succeed in all areas of his life. life or almost all, but above all by establishing excellent social relations with all the people around him and necessarily with the women he covets.

Said like that, you may feel like you are still very far from these possibilities and yet, taking control of your life with a dose of self-confidence is not so complex, including after a disillusionment in love. Later, you will discover how to become an alpha male without ever losing your personality, but before explaining to you the main criteria to enter the category of attractive and charismatic men.

I insist a lot on this point because the coaching that I carry out is an excellent way to bring out your own desires and not to allow you to evolve in boxes, which are either limiting of what you represent, or which do not correspond to you. no way.

In short, you will be able to become a unique alpha male and stay connected to all your positive values to improve your general life.

I also insist on an important point: being an alpha male does not mean that we will discredit the fairer sex, quite the contrary. A true male must remain dignified in all circumstances, but that should not prevent him from flourishing. The idea is therefore to return the best possible image because even if they can please, machos still have a bad reputation. So you have to look to become an alpha guy for good reasons.

Why should becoming an alpha male be your goal?

To succeed in your life in achieving your goals, trusting yourself, following your dreams and building good social relationships, it is essential to ask yourself about good practices and the steps you need to take to achieve becoming the person who we want to be. The concept of Alpha Male perfectly meets all these needs as it allows you to take charge of yourself, take control of your life and put all your fears aside.

I have accompanied hundreds of men who lacked confidence, were emotionally dependent, or simply wanted to get out of their fear of not being able to approach a woman. If you recognize yourself in these descriptions then know that you can change.

Advancing towards the concept of alpha male means regaining total control over his life and leading his daily life as you wish. You will be able to be free to take control of your seduction, to get more from the people around you and to build excellent social relationships. The goal in all of this? Well, feel better about yourself, feel loved, understood and enjoy life to the fullest!

On the other hand, you should not put pressure on your shoulders by setting yourself a mission to be perfect or to excel in this or that area, such as sleeping with so many women each month. You must let things happen naturally and without ever forcing otherwise you will lose this natural side. Because even if it may surprise you, there are a few rules to follow when you want to become an alpha male.

The 3 essential rules to become an Alpha Male

Everyone can define their own rules for being an alpha male, but I will bring you an overview and now invite you to reflect and take action. Do not stay fixed on an article and immediately put yourself in a position in which you will do everything to get out of your comfort zone and regain self-confidence, even if you have suffered a breakup or lack confidence. 

1. An alpha male does not hesitate to be a force of proposal: Whether in your seduction or on a daily basis, you should not hesitate for a single second to make proposals to create magical moments with all the people around you.

The alpha male therefore has a great ability to reveal himself as an opinion leader and therefore does not hesitate to propose his ideas or to impose them, without forgetting to listen to the opinions of others.

2. The alpha male can approach a woman with confidence and he will not hesitate to use his seduction techniques to achieve his goal while respecting the person he covets. The goal is to help you move forward to get to know each other before you can consider the next step.

3. The alpha male controls his image to perfection and takes pleasure in feeling “good in his sneakers”. It is now for you to pay attention to your physique, your health, your look and what others may think of you in order to improve yourself and perfectly master your ability to please in a few seconds.

Is being a dominant man a negative?

Being an alpha man very often means becoming a dominant man. This last word is frowned upon in our society because we often talk about gender equity but also in everyday life. And yet, it should not be seen in the strict sense of the term because behind dominant we will speak above all of a leader.

For me, being a dominant man means having a strong ability to lead others, to be attractive and to seduce with total respect for others.

You really have to get out of the codes of current society to realize that you can perfectly become an alpha man without being a bad person, quite the contrary!

This will help you in your seduction but also on a daily basis to establish more developed and richer social relationships than at present.

Remember that respect must be one of your core values.

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