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Every man, when he looks in the mirror and asks himself what it means to be a man...He doesn’t find the answer, or his answer is incomplete or he finds the answer without the weapons to use the answer.. The lucky ones grow up with an alpha father or an alpha brother and it was an easy journey for them to be an alpha, But the vast majority are left below without a helping hand. This blog is your father, your brother, your friend, your savior from the beta world to the alpha world .. So listen learn and apply!
"To be an alpha, you have to become a lion", this is not the right mentality, you have to become a wolf and here is why:

  • If you were not born a son of a king, then you were not born a king but a follower and the lion is not the right animal to look up to but the wolf is because He follows and develops himself to lead one day. So To be a leader, you must learn to be a follower, and a good leader values a good follower since he himself made this transformation; he was once a follower himself.
    The lion does not lead, he rules. He will never let anyone challenge his decision, and he will never question his position. And that is by no definition, a good leader, A lion was considered a king, he is still considered and he will remain the king who never knew what it felt like to be a follower.
  • Since this world is nothing less than a jungle now, it’s not just about being and doing everything for and by yourself. Leadership, in the context of current global issues, needs cooperation and the wolf is Always attacking in groups, they know the importance of teamwork, cooperation and tolerance. They define the strategies and each wolf has a role to play. Do they survive without a leader? No! They have chosen one of their own to lead, and they are not rigid in allowing him to be the leader. They don't rule, they lead. And yes, they don't perform at the circus.