9 Weird Habits That Only Smart People Have

Do you imagine someone always immersed in a book or scribbling a bunch of indecipherable charts and equations in their notebook? Maybe he looks like a freak, talking too fast with a crazy look of genius in his eyes? Or someone quieter and more reserved, but always knows how to silence the room with its incredible wit?

When you think of a very smart person, what do you imagine?

Do you see someone always engrossed in a book or penning a slew of illegible charts and calculations in a notebook? Perhaps he appears to be a freak, speaking too quickly and with a mad look of genius in his eyes? Or someone who is quieter and more restrained yet always manages to silence the room with their brilliant wit?

Whatever your response, I believe we can all agree that brighter individuals are determined by factors other than their IQ. Many people exhibit many of the same actions and routines.

According to psychology, these are 9 of the most prevalent and startling strange behaviors that brilliant individuals are known to have:

Habit 1. smart people are always chaotic

Messing around, grooving, and even brainstorming on occasion. This may surprise you since when we think of highly brilliant people, we usually think of individuals who are academically outstanding and rank top in their field. However, not many intelligent people fall into this group! Many of them do not perform well academically! Because they are also incredibly creative, they are the animals that are most prone to be untidy. They like to reject everyday life, have unusual and original ideas, and might become obsessive if left unchecked.

Habit 2. Smell a lot

Like we said before, regardless of turmoil, a lot of clever individuals cuss a lot. Not only that, but they are generally more inventive in their use of swear words, implying that they have a large vocabulary. They also want to think for themselves, rather than allowing society to tell them what to do and what not to do, what is proper and what they should resent for arbitrary reasons.

Habit 3. Night Owl : Smart people prefer to stay awake.

According to studies, clever individuals like to remain awake longer than others and are night owls who work rather than sleep. Because they have so many ideas racing through their heads, they are always awake, dealing with so many difficulties and concerns. They also like to do this at night, when they have less distractions and are alone with their thoughts.

Habit 4. Taking a cold bath

Another odd behavior that may surprise you regarding exceptionally brilliant individuals is that many of them enjoy taking long, cold showers. Although many of us enjoy doing the same thing to unwind, did you realize there is a scientific rationale for it? This is due to the cold bathroom’s resemblance to the ancient technique of water therapy, which is claimed to help the body and mind by pumping fresh blood into our brains, enhancing mood, memory, and productivity. So, the next time you get irritated at your roommate for drinking all the cold water, consider this as a possible explanation (and maybe try it yourself to see if it works for you as well!).

Habit 5. Talk to yourself

While admitting it is awkward (and much more so when caught red-handed), many of us have a tendency of talking to ourselves. The difference is that brighter individuals are more likely to do so. One probable explanation is that they are the only person in their life with whom they can communicate intellectually, and no one else will be acceptable.

Habit 6. Criticize yourself

Like the last argument, clever individuals are more likely to criticize themselves since they may be the only person they know who is intellectually capable of challenging them. Indeed, humility and self-awareness are important characteristics of a highly intelligent individual. They are always eager to admit their ignorance and that they do not have all the solutions. They are not scared to criticize themselves since they are constantly seeking to learn new things and widen their perspectives. Many intelligent individuals are also perfectionists.

Habit 7. A lot of scribbling.

Why? Because they are profound thinkers and incredibly creative, and they are not appropriately pushed or driven by routine activities such as schools and meetings. Furthermore, studies have shown that scrawling helps our memory and problem-solving skills by allowing our brains to relax, particularly after a time of intense concentration.

Habit 8. Daydreams

Most brighter individuals, like scrawling and talking to themselves, have a highly rich imagination and utilize these creative approaches to develop their problem solving abilities and acquire the brain stimulation they require. Daydreams help us think about things more thoroughly, and many brilliant individuals utilize this as a method to attain a breakthrough or make an important decision in life.

Habit 9. Wanting to be alone

Last but not least, the great majority of intelligent individuals are more conservative and less sociable, because they get tired easily among a lot of people and prefer to communicate with those on their intellectual level (which regrettably, the majority of people are not). They may also seek help from the unit since their autonomous nature causes them to be more focused on long-term goals rather than short-term recreational activities such as hanging out with their pals for no purpose.

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