8 mistakes not to make in text seduction with a woman

When you start flirting with a girl by text, it is not uncommon to see you doing stupid things that prevent you from pleasing her. And even when you are attracted to a woman, you are not sure how to seduce quickly. So, you are looking for how to flirt by text. Nevertheless, you doubt your ability to seduce this stranger you like so much. However, you would like to approach effectively and have a chance of seducing this girl. Unfortunately, driven by their desire to seduce, some men will make mistakes. However, very often these errors are prohibitive in seduction. Here are 8 mistakes not to be made in text seduction with a woman.

1-Write a long text

The first mistake a lot of men do is writing a block. I know that to show her your interest, you accumulate the arguments to seduce this attractive woman.

Now, gentlemen, when she receives this text, She don’t want to read it. Receiving a message very long is strongly discourages. Also, usually the content is not fun. It is often heavy. the message should be 3 lines or even 4 at most. Of course, this is approximate, there is no precise number of lines. However, be aware that a text of 10, 15, 20 lines is too long.

Tell yourself that a message must contain an idea. This is why you will have to split your ideas and send them to her in several times. You believe that to please girls, you have to present your personality in great detail. Looks like you’re having a job interview! But, in seduction it does not work like that.

The game of seduction must remain fun, light, pleasant. In short, the long text is not a technique of seduction. It is neither pleasant to read, nor to write unless you want the girl to lose her interest.

2-Send irrelevant messages

The second error is sending messages that are of little interest. We can say that these are mediocre texts that do not allow a connection to be established. The “how are you? Or did you have a good day?” What do you want her to say to you? There are better ways to get her attention!

Text messages are there to move the interaction forward and get a first date. This approach technique is used to gain confidence and create comfort. This makes it easier to approach a woman without being intrusive. During your exchanges, you reassure her and show her that you are correct and kind. You will discover similarities, create complicity.

This rapprochement should lead to a first date. Nevertheless, these games of seduction by text messages should not drag on at the risk of bringing down attraction. So put down your cell phone. Focus a little more on your life. This will be doubly beneficial for you and for the interaction. Thus, you fill your life with fulfilling activities that you can relate to this woman.

3-Not seeing this woman’s disinterest

To see if someone is interested, especially a woman is as interested as you, just look at the balance of text messages.

When interacting with the woman he likes, the man should ask himself the following questions: Who writes most often? Who writes as long as possible? This is of course to keep it concise. However, when you write four lines, if her response comes down to one line, she’s less interested than you. All this you can see thanks to these checks. This will help you sense her level of interest in you.

Again, there is no magic text message to attract women and get them interested in you. Nevertheless, Leonardo Dicaprio can send a “little hello or a how are you”, even with three spelling mistakes, this should appeal to the greatest number. Because his value is much higher than ours. Understand that the errors quoted when your level is tangent cannot seduce.

4-Spelling mistakes

When you make 10 spelling mistakes on a message text that is three lines long, this accumulation of errors will tarnish your image and reduce your credibility. It must be said that spelling has become a social marker that penalizes you both in your personal and professional life.

We easily admit that we can make some mistakes. Moreover, I myself also do, from time to time, when you write quickly, for lack of attention, the use of automatic writing, the habit of abbreviations etc…

However, the presence of ten faults in only two sentences, will lead this woman to sense a lack of competence or intelligence. So, be mindful of how you write and spell words. Because your spelling mistakes can be prohibitive for a woman.

5-Not advancing the interaction

Also another error, is not to advance the interaction. Trying to seduce a woman by texting for a certain time is completely normal. But, staying in touch by text messages without looking to discuss by call or face to face does not allow you to move forward and find love. This is one of the mistakes not to make by texting with a woman in seduction.

Texting is just there for comfort and trust. So, do not hesitate to call the chosen woman. texting is initially allowing women to be seduced. But, hearing the voice of the other brings something extra that will bring you closer and demonstrate your self-confidence. Orally, we can transmit more emotions, perceive the feelings of the other. The exchange will be

way, more dynamic. So, we create comfort, confidence. We call each other and set up an appointment. The meeting can take place without apprehension.

6-Being pushy over text

The other mistake frequently made is to be insistent when she does not answer. It’s been barely two hours since you sent her a message, and you hesitating to send her a new message telling her of your concern. No, a message equals a message. We are waiting for the answer. Don’t worry; she saw your message very well. This is one of the mistakes not to make by texting with a woman in seduction.

If after two hours without a response from her, you are already writing to her again, you will kill any potential attraction. She’ll think you’re a hot guy. You barely know each other and now you are smothering her with your messages. You will let her see your budding jealousy. She’s going to assume that you’re going to be jealous whenever she goes out with her girlfriends.

This non-response indicates a lack of desire or that she is temporarily busy. Don’t worry! If she’s interested, she’ll get back to you as soon as she’s available.

7-Force communication

Another equally common mistake is trying to force communication. You seek to spot her enthusiasm in communication and you continue to insist. However, if her answers are very short, it is because generally, she is not an interested girl.

It is obvious when you start flirting with a woman, that she will make it easier for you to communicate if she is interested. Thus, to fill in the blanks, a woman will ask you questions, try to restart the conversation. She’s not going to settle for a simple yes or no. Either way, you’re going to sense some excitement in his responses.

On the other hand, if you feel reluctance, if you spot that this woman is not more inclined than that to answer you, stop the communication. Do not try to force this one. So, do not be heavy and respect the choice of this woman who answers you out of simple politeness. By continuing to communicate, you diminish your value. And, that’s not how you’re going to make a woman fall in love.

8-not be a player

Finally, the last point, which is a very masculine fault, is not being playful enough and remaining very first degree. For example, if someone asks you how old you are or what you do, you will say: I am such an age and I do this. Admit that your answer lacks seduction!

You are not playful enough, teasing enough, or even light enough to arouse a little interest. However, do not turn this exchange into a guessing game. No, be more inventive, venture into the absurd or the burlesque, give her emotions. Making a girl laugh while associating a few compliments with it makes it easier to seduce.

This is not a job interview. So, be light and fun and keep a teasing state of mind. Strive to show repartee, spontaneity. Again, there is no magic message! So, gentlemen, when you want to seduce a person, be more lighthearted and less down to earth.

The competition in seduction

Remember that usually you are not the only one who is interested in this woman. She will have to make a choice that will depend on the above criteria because she will not meet all the men who write to her. So, if you embody a very high value, it doesn’t matter what mistakes you make.

On the other hand, you will have to fight to avoid losing points. Because other seducers who are looking to seduce her, won’t make these mistakes, and will walk past you. Now you know how not to lose a woman’s interest over text. To be successful with women, all you have to do is apply these tips.

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