7 techniques to implement to change your life as a man

If you want to change your life, if you are fed up with the daily grind that wears you down, if you suffer in a situation that seems unbearable to you, this article can help you.

During my vacation, I met a neighbor who told me that he wanted to change his life. You are starting to know me: I listened, listened, listened… before making a few suggestions to really change his life and stop complaining.

1-If you want to change your life, stop complaining.

When you complain, you focus on the negative instead of projecting yourself onto the positive. Also, people around you don’t want to help you when you complain. They may feel sorry for you, but above all, they want you to take control of your life.

2-No, it’s not always the fault of others.

This is the second principle for growing and changing your life: taking responsibility. Decide that you are the captain of your ship and that your decisions have an impact on your life. Of course, I don’t deny the role of chance and luck in our lives and our ability to succeed or seduce, but 100% of successful people have decided to take control of their lives and stop suffering. Take the wheel and choose the direction of your new life. Moreover, women prefer alpha males who make decisions, If you want to learn more about how to become an alpha male, check out our article on the topic:

3-Calm your ego, and things will improve.

I thought about this while watching the documentary on Anelka the other day. At the end of the documentary, we might think to ourselves, “Wow, he’s really unlucky. I like Anelka…” Watch the documentary – it’s well done and has some beautiful images. It also shows proof of one of the most inflated egos in French football. Football is a team sport, with rules and a coach to respect, and a jersey to wear for the club or country. When we watch the documentary, we get the impression that every club he went to ended with him arm wrestling with the coach or the president. This is the problem with players who are full of themselves (and we can understand why: given Anelka’s talent and strength, he deserved better). Yes, when you’re at the top, you’ll be attacked. But the ego doesn’t see that. The ego is unprepared and only thinks of itself. I highly recommend Ryan Holiday’s excellent book on the subject: “Ego is the Enemy.” The problem is that in our age of social media, the ego is glorified everywhere. So a little less “I” and a little more “we” will go a long way.

4-Get out of your comfort zone.

I’ve been saying this for years: you really have to get moving. You know the proverb: “Travel broadens the mind.” Sometimes it’s not about traveling, but just getting out there and seeing what’s happening around you. And to meet the girl jogging, the girl walking her dog, the girl carrying her shopping, the girl dragging her suitcase, the MILF pushing her stroller. Approaching and flirting with a girl starts with taking the first step, which is getting off the couch. They are out there. They exist. They live. It’s up to you to cancel Netflix for a month or two, put away your PS5 controller, and get moving. I can’t do it for you.

5-To change your life, reassess your life plans

Your parents may have wanted you to become a lawyer or a doctor, your teachers may have seen you as a good fit for teaching, and you may have had dreams of becoming a pilot, footballer, or actor. However, for most of us, life is not a dream, but a series of choices we make to live and survive. Nevertheless, you don’t have to spend your life regretting what happened to you. Accidents and death happen, and while it’s a part of life, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop living.

I recently lost my father to cancer, which is unfortunately a common disease. Even though I understand this, it doesn’t make me happier, and I still suffer from it. I work for a French telecom company, which is far from my student dreams of becoming an author for Thierry Ardisson and for the Burger Quizz. Together with my friend Sélim, we wanted to make jokes and write stuff to make our friends laugh.

However, there comes a time when you need to reassess your life plans. Adapting or dying is one of the laws of evolution, and pragmatism is an essential word for us. I had to adapt to survive, and while I may not love my job, I accept it because it pays well, and I have a lot of free time to approach girls in the evening. But don’t chase an unattainable dream, like our friend who wants to be an actor at 37 years old. I believe he should come back down to earth and find a secure job.

We have another friend who started making sound, which is an excellent hobby, and musicians always attract girls. But dreaming is good when you’re 20 years old. A stable life and a real job are the first pillars of the RDV Method, the R of Reassuring.

6/ Calm your needs for recognition and revenge

You, like us, may be angry and frustrated with life, women, Covid, your physique, your ex, colleagues, and racism. Anger, envy, jealousy, and frustration can be useful fuels in life, but they can also hinder progress. Accept that life is unfair and play with the cards you’ve been given. Calm your need for justice and try to move on.

7/ Master your demons

We’re all ruled by our emotions and demons. In the evenings, instead of working on an important project, I spend my time sending sexts to my sexts. Some of you can’t say no to one more drink, one too many. Some of you may have a hard time saying no to drugs or stalking your ex on social media. If you want to change your life, you need to change your habits. Control your demons and gain self-confidence, which is crucial for making the right decisions. Good decisions will put you on the right path to professional, relational, and sentimental success. Remember that everything is connected, and it all starts with self-confidence.

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