7 techniques to control your anger and master your life

That’s it… Once again, you’ve just directed your anger towards someone or something that didn’t deserve it.

Don’t you think it would be better to control your anger instead of letting it explode on your family or strangers?

Succumbing to your anger is harmful not only to yourself but also to those around you. It also hinders your ability to connect with people in a healthy way.

So instead of acting like online haters who insult strangers, read through these 7 techniques to control your anger and apply them.

Why this article on anger?

We wrote this in memory of all the uncontrolled anger that has broken couples, friendships, and cost us dearly. We hope that you will learn to control your anger sooner than we did!

You’re probably angry for many valid reasons. Maybe you’re struggling to connect with women and are a victim of “male sexual misery.” This has caused you to experience unjustified hatred towards women. Or perhaps your girlfriend dumped you or even cheated on you, and you feel angry towards her. Maybe you keep getting rejected and can’t even get a simple kiss. You find it unfair to be short, black, Arab, Asian, skinny, fat, red-haired, short-sighted, poor, handicapped, or your job makes you hysterical, and you hate your boss. Perhaps a parent abandoned you, and your father, who is raising you, is very hard on you. (Oh no, that’s my story.) There are many other reasons for anger, but you must not be a victim of it or let it influence you. Be strong and learn to control your anger.

Jack Canfield, a famous personal development coach, often talks about an interesting principle that I advise you to keep in mind: event + reaction = results. You cannot control the events that happen to you; they are beyond your control. The tree that fell on the roof of my house during the storm 20 years ago, the coronavirus that locked us up for 2 months, water damage, getting fired like 300 of your colleagues, or being cut off by a driver – these are all events that you have to accept because you can’t do anything about them. However, you can control your reactions to these events, and that is precisely what will influence the final result of your situation, which is the source of your anger. These 7 techniques to control your anger will help you improve your reactions.

Our goal is to ensure that you never become like those vile incel virgins, frustrated and rejected by women, who decide to kill people for “revenge.” A man is in control. A man is in control. And, above all, a man does not blame others. A man makes his decisions. Behave like a man and control the anger that arises within you.

One last point: never think that “it’s easier for others.” We all face challenges, but it’s up to you how you react to the anger you feel. You have the power to overcome it.

1/ Go for a jog or do combat sports.

Running or practicing a combat sport is a great way to release your anger regularly. Essentially, emotions are designed to help you survive through fight or flight responses. When you face negative emotions such as fear, stress, or anger, and you can neither escape nor fight to overcome them, your body does not release these emotions. The inhibition of your emotions is a source of diseases and pathologies. The neurobiologist, Henri Laborit, explains this concept well in his books, Inhibition of Action and Praise of Flight. Therefore, try to go for a run or do boxing sessions regularly to release your anger frequently. The added bonus is that in addition to calming you down, the practice of combat sports increases your testosterone, which is another reason to engage in combat sports.

2/ Write about your feelings.

Do you know about diaries? Do you think it’s just for teenage girls? Think again. Writing can be really helpful if you want to control your anger. Writing allows you to put words to your feelings and expel them by writing them down. It’s like when you want to sleep but are bombarded with thoughts. To stop the flow of thoughts in your head, the most effective way is to simply write down your thoughts on paper. The same applies to your anger. So when you’re angry, grab a piece of paper and a pen (a computer works too), and let loose on the paper! You can even insult the paper if it makes you feel better.

3/ Test the Fury Rooms.

Do you remember the scenes from the show, “Pascal the Big Brother,” where virulent teenagers broke bricks with hammers to release their anger? Well, Fury Rooms operate on a similar principle. You are put in a room full of objects with a baseball bat in your hand and a protective mask on your face, and for 20€, you can break everything. Not only is it useful for controlling your anger, but it’s also fun! And don’t worry if you’re an environmentalist. The objects present in the Fury Rooms are recycled or were originally intended for the recycling center.

4/ Relax and breathe.

The problem with the previous techniques is that you cannot use them at any time of your day. However, with this fourth technique, you can. When you feel anger rising in you or when it is already present, relax and breathe. This trick will not completely release your anger, but it will limit the damage until you can release it using the other techniques. Breathing calmly can also be a great help in being comfortable with girls. Check out this article on the best relaxation and meditation apps.

5/ Use your anger to move forward and progress.

Anger is a tremendous force to move forward and accomplish extraordinary things. It is a powerful source of energy, but one that you have to use correctly. Most people will waste the energy created by their anger by insulting other people when they could have used it to develop themselves. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, think about the person (or entity) that makes you angry and work hard to make them jealous. Your mission is to surprise them. For example, if you’re angry at your ex for leaving you, work like crazy to achieve your goals. When you meet your ex, they will see with their own eyes that you have completely changed for the better! Anger is a powerful engine for success. If you’ve seen “The Last Dance,” the documentary on Michael Jordan, you know what I’m talking about (the Pistons or Clyde Drexler: everyone who angered MJ).

6/ Put events into perspective
Is your situation really that serious?

Is it serious enough to warrant wasting a significant amount of your time, energy, and good humor?

Either way, you need to learn to put what is happening to you into perspective.

Certainly, your situation is causing you pain, but you must also realize how fortunate you are.

Some people have much bigger reasons for anger than you do.

People who are seriously ill, who have lost limbs, or those who are on the street…

All of these people are in intense pain.

And yet, it is often these people who have the most joy in life…

So, try to put things into perspective.

7/ It’s your fault

The least easy technique to practice, and yet the most effective technique to control your anger, is to tell yourself that everything is your fault.

Please note, I am not asking you to victimize and flog yourself.

I’m just asking you to take responsibility.

Can’t attract women? It’s your fault.

Your girlfriend left you? It’s your fault.

Even if some events are totally unfair and you don’t deserve them, tell yourself that it’s your fault.

Starting today, always tell yourself that everything that happens to you is your fault.

By doing this, you will be in a process of action and you will find solutions to your problems.

I’ll give you an example. One day, a girl I really liked cheated on me with another guy. He was a trader, Brazilian, tall, muscular, handsome, and rich.

Everything that I was not.

I didn’t say to myself “It’s my fault, I’m not a Brazilian trader.” No.

I said to myself: “OK, I have to improve my conversation skills, my appearance, my personality, my lifestyle, my charisma, my social circle. I need to take control of my life. Not to please her, no. But for the next woman in my life, so she sees the value that I bring. I will do everything to control what I can control. And for the rest, I will accept it. I just have to get closer to the maximum version of who I want to be. I have to build my dream life, and then a good girl will come! »

I didn’t waste a second hating this guy. He had done his part of the job. It was now up to me to control my anger and create the life of my dreams (and since then – that was 2006 – it’s been much better, and I really live the life I want!)

No time for anger: focus on your dreams!

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