7 smart and simple ways to save money when shopping

7 smart and simple ways to save money when shopping

Here are 7 smart and simple ways to save money when shopping

The Corona pandemic has presented a financial challenge for everyone, from adjusting to working from home to facing difficult future challenges related to budgeting, planning for emergency funds, and living under turbulent economic conditions. Perhaps the last thing we like to spend our money on is groceries.

In her report published by the American magazine “Real Simple“, writer Betty Gold said that preparing food at home can save you a lot of money. And if you really want to save money when shopping for food, you can follow these genius tips and tricks provided by savings expert Lorne Grotman.

Prepare a weekly meal plan

You should strategize before you shop. Decide what meals you’ll be preparing for the week, then write down what you need on your phone’s grocery list. This way, you will avoid unnecessary purchases, reduce food waste, and spend less time shopping.

You can also prepare enough food for another meal. And if you plan right, you can save your food and savings for days.

Check the pantry before you shop

It’s easy to forget about the food products you may have stocked in the fridge or pantry with which you could make a meal.

Plan your meals according to discount offers

“The biggest mistake people make is auto-shopping,” Grotmann said. Not many people scroll through sales flyers to plan their meals according to the products on sale. Grotman confirmed that she likes to plan her meals according to the foods offered on sale that week, such as choosing salmon as a food if it is on sale.

Get grocery delivery

Grocery delivery services allow you to shop while you’re at work, and within two hours, everything you need to prepare meals for the week will be delivered to your home.

Don’t ignore liquidation discounts

The author mentioned that stores are always working on liquidating inventory in order to make room for new products, as the discount rate can reach 50% or more. Just check the expiration dates.

Use the basic ingredients

Remember that it is possible to be creative with the basic ingredients rather than focusing on the special ones. Instead of buying an ingredient that you can use for just one meal, buy a range of basic and affordable ingredients and think about the recipes you can use them in.

Buy in bulk and only what you can use

Grotmann asserts that buying foods like rice, grains, and dried fruit in bulk can save you at least 30 percent of money.

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