7 signs to know if you like a woman

7 signs to know if you like a woman

You met a woman recently, but you don’t know if she likes you? In other words, you have trouble knowing if she is seduced or not? Indeed, it is sometimes difficult for men to identify these signs of seduction that women send back. With subtlety and delicacy, they intentionally or despite themselves send signals and gestures to which you will have to pay particular attention.

You should know that it is rather simple to detect these signs of attraction and they are very often the same from one person to another, although they may vary depending on the person’s character. We are therefore going to help you detect these clues, so that you know if your attraction to your partner is mutual.

Every sign a woman likes you can be detected

How do you know if a woman likes you? It is very simple. You must know how to detect his gestures of seduction.

These are voluntary or unintentional signs sent to you by a person who is charmed. Often it is a brief and subtle behavior, but one that you can detect if you pay enough attention to it.

If men reveal the signs of seduction more directly, women prefer to be more discreet. This is the reason why it is sometimes difficult to guess whether he likes you or not. They like to create a certain amount of mystery and let you “guess”.

How to know if a woman likes you: 7 unmistakable signs

1. The gaze game

The look is a first sign that a woman likes you. When a woman you know little or nothing tends to stare at you, it is often a good omen. You find yourself in a room full of people and your eyes meet frequently, this is an encouraging sign.

Be careful, however, not to jump to conclusions if she only takes one insistent look at you. This signal is only valid if the gesture is repeated often within a few minutes. You caught his eye and it’s very encouraging for the rest of the story.

2. The little laugh that says a lot

You chat with friends or one-on-one. Watch her reaction when you share jokes. A woman who is interested in you will tend to laugh and react positively to your words and gestures.

It’s her way of telling you she’s listening, paying attention to even your silliest jokes. She makes you understand that you are making her have a good time. As the saying goes, “a woman who laughs is half in bed”.

3. She is tactile

A seduced woman, even in love, is very often tactile. Of course, his gestures are delicate, and might even seem uncontrolled in the end. She won’t hesitate to brush your hand as she walks by your side, brush your shoulder to hold on to the metro, or “kick your feet” in a restaurant, adding a “sorry” as if it doesn’t. was not wanted…

Therefore, pay attention to all these little signs that sometimes seem trivial. And if you find that these gestures are recurrent, then she is most likely seduced and under your spell!

4. Small signs of nervousness

When a woman likes you, she tends to lose her means just by seeing you, and even more by talking to you. She then starts fiddling with her hair, loses her confidence and can no longer seem to be able to make a decision on her own without consulting your opinion.

How to recognize that it is not just shyness, but a sign of seduction & interest? Once you observe this behavior, take the time to observe how it reacts with other people. If she regains her calm, her confidence and no longer makes any traitorous gestures, it is sure that you have an effect on her.

5. His ways of questioning you

A woman often evokes the rain and the good weather in society. A woman who is interested in you will ask about specific details about you such as your habits, what you do for a living, or ask you outright if you are in a relationship.

This curiosity is a very good point about you, since it analyzes the pros and cons of you. As she hears answers she wants to hear, she will be more and more drawn to you. He likes you so try to play the big game of seduction while being honest.

6. She makes fun of you

A woman under the spell of her partner will also tend to tease him, to gently make fun of him. This will create a certain complicity between you, you will laugh about it, even reply by doing the same thing… This game will create a climate favorable to rapprochement and this is really what your partner will be looking for by teasing you. So above all, don’t get offended, and don’t take everything at face value! And take that as a sign of seduction.

7. A jealous and possessive tendency

Jealousy and possessiveness are part of the attitudes of an interested woman. If you get close to another woman in any way, she will usually display her jealousy by staring at her with a cold, contemptuous gaze. Note that this is a sign of seduction that representatives of the fairer sex often find it difficult to conceal.

If you detect aggression from a woman every time you have contact with representatives of the opposite sex, there may be something wrong!

How do you know if a woman is flirting with you?

Pleasing a woman is one thing, but being hit on directly is another. These two steps don’t differ much, but it’s the degree of daring that distinguishes a flirt from a simple sign of seduction & interest.

A woman who is under the spell will often just give you a few sneaky glances. It won’t necessarily show up. She will be very discreet, waiting for you to come to her.

On the other hand, a woman who flirts with you is more seductive and turns you on almost as soon as she has the opportunity. She also makes every effort to find herself alone with you, if only to share a bit of the journey or to discuss a trivial subject.

Also pay attention to his words when you chat. She may not openly ask you out on a date, but she will trick you into proposing to her. For example, if you are rather tall physically, she will say that she likes to date big muscular men. It is up to you to understand what to understand. Don’t waste time, because she can also change her mind if she gets impatient!

In conclusion, it’s up to you to take the first step!

Whatever sign of seduction you perceive in a woman, if she pleases you and you seem to please her, dare to take the first step and approach her.

Anyway, who does not try anything has nothing and it is by starting that you will be 100% fixed on the rest of your story. So learn to identify the signs that a woman likes you!

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