5 tips for wearing a long coat for men

5 tips for wearing a long coat for men

How to wear a long coat when you are a man? Is the long coat still relevant in men’s fashion? What tips and tricks can you apply while wearing this type of pea coat? All the answers are in this article!

Mid-season jacket, bomber, windbreaker, down jacket, raincoat, parka; when you are a man, it is not so easy to dress. It is indeed necessary to make the choice between all these kinds of jackets and coats which are offered to us.

However, when it comes to protecting yourself from the cold and looking chic and elegant, the long men’s coat is surely the garment that will enhance you the most. Timeless, refined and very easy to wear, it is essential in all male wardrobes.

Even better, the straight cut of the long coat fits perfectly with the male figure. Which automatically makes it a must have to take out of your closet when fall or winter arrives.

But you still have to know how to wear your long coat for men! In this article, you will therefore find our 5 little tips for wearing your fashion piece correctly and in the right way.

1/ Combine the long coat with a chic and elegant outfit

This is the first thing to know when you want to wear a long coat for men. The long coat is much better when it is worn and associated with a chic outfit. The majority of long coats are cut and designed to be worn with elegant outfits.

Therefore, it is very important to respect the norm and to dress well under your long coat. In addition to that, it is very easy to do so. Because the long coat fits with all imaginable chic outfits. With a trendy suit, a tuxedo or even with a blazer and a turtleneck!

2/ Favor natural materials such as wool and cotton

Watch out for bad tastes. The long coat for men is a self-respecting piece that stands out both to the eye and to the touch. Thus, and this is again a new rule, the vast majority of long coats for men are made with natural materials such as wool and cotton.

This promotes contrast with the coat and the rest of your outfit. It is therefore necessary to try to respect the standard and to always choose natural-looking fabrics. By avoiding synthetic materials as much as possible, which may well completely distort your look and your silhouette.

3/ Choose colors that go with everything

As another tip for wearing your long coat well, also remember to choose the color of it. Here too, men’s fashion has done well. Because long coats for men are hard to find in original colors.

Indeed, the most marketed colors are camel, navy blue or gray. Quite simply because these colors mentioned above have the power to marry and associate with all the other clothes. So follow the movement and try to choose your long coat with a color like this.

4/ Adapt the length of your long coat according to your height

If the long coat for men is a fashion piece that can clearly highlight a masculine silhouette, beware of exceptions. As with men’s high-waisted pants, the long coat has a few special cases.

Especially if you are very short. In this case, it might not highlight you at all and accentuate your small size even more. Therefore, and if you really want your long coat, try to find one that is well fitted and that does not go beyond mid-thigh.

5/ Wearing the long coat in a streetwear or sportswear style is also possible!

Finally, and as a last tip for wearing your long coat correctly, know that it is quite possible to associate it with a sporty and streetwear outfit. It may seem surprising, but more and more men have popularized the concept.

To do this, all you have to do is pair your long coat with a hoodie. Taking care to bring out the latter well over the coat. Whether with jogging underneath or with jeans, the method gives a pretty nice result. And for the record, know that many celebrities are still surfing on this movement!

This is now the end of this article on the tips to know to correctly wear your long coat for men. We say see you very soon. And be well!

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