Couple That Lasts: The 5 Secrets of a Stable Relationship

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Love, plans for two, the perfect girlfriend… Everything is clear to you: the future is written together, and you want a couple that lasts, not a “flash” couple.

Your “perfect” couple is inseparable from your own life. You are ready to do anything to make it last as long as possible.

Your worst nightmare: that everything stops overnight. To reassure you, you think that breakups only happen to others, not to you.

But the figures do not lie: nearly one in two marriages ends in blood sausage in the Paris region, and one in three in the provinces. So how do you make your relationship last?

No, it’s never easy to maintain the passion of the beginnings in a relationship.

A certain letting go, the passage of time and the temptations of life can quickly disrupt your romance, which has been so idyllic until now.

A routine fatal to the life of your couple can hit you slowly, without you realizing it.

The smallest tensions can also poison your relationship because of a lack of communication.

Some of your girlfriend’s reactions may even seem incomprehensible to you…

Despite the small inconveniences of your love tandem, you will not give up so easily.

Are you looking for solutions to make your relationship last over time? Do you want your girlfriend to stay addicted to you as if it were the first day?

If you want to live a love story like Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray Dirty dancing version, here are 5 tips that will allow you to make your couple dance for a lifetime…

1) Be honest!

For a couple to last over time, it needs a healthy foundation. Honesty is part of it.

How do you expect your couple to flourish if from the start, you are dishonest about your expectations of life together?

Your partner will not be able to satisfy your desires if she does not know them. She will also not be able to reassure you if she ignores your fears.

For the good of your couple, do not keep details to yourself that could impact your life together. Focus on honesty.

By joining your actions to your words, your girlfriend will understand that you are someone reliable. It is by being honest and transparent with her that you will be worthy of her trust.

You will thus be able to find the balance and harmony necessary for your life as a couple.

Honesty will allow you to consider the long term, to take the right direction and thus avoid many unpleasant surprises.

2) Communicate again and again!

No, your girlfriend can’t read your mind and vice versa.

So instead of waiting for small worries to turn into big fights, talk about it!

If there is one thing that can tarnish your relationship, it is ambiguity!

You will see that most of the time, the message you send to him is different from the signals you send out. So what are you waiting for to expose your worries to him?

The British site conducted a study which concluded that the two main criteria pushing men to break up concern:

– The carelessness of their partner (weight gain, lack of hygiene, excessive hair growth, etc.)

– The desire to go elsewhere.

Tell him that you want to make love to him more often!

Talk to her about her letting go so she can react instead of looking to see if the grass is greener elsewhere!

Straightening things up with your partner will solve a lot of problems. Communication is a pillar of the couple so that it can be part of the long term.

By bursting the abscess, you will show him your desire to solve together the problems that concern you both.

It is important to inform your partner of your problems, but it is just as important to address much more pleasant topics of discussion such as your passions, your future or your music of the moment! Don’t neglect fun and enjoyable conversations.

3) Take time for your couple.

What’s the best way to seduce a girl? Spend time with her to get closer, do activities for two, sexualize…

You should do the same when you are in a relationship.

Of course, you already spend time with your girlfriend if you live with her, but eating, watching TV and hanging out the laundry together is nothing transcendent. You could do the same with your mother.

What matters is the quality time you spend with her.

If you don’t take the time to spend quality time together, it will end up at the bottom of your priority list.

Try new experiences; sign up for cooking classes, fuck in the kitchen for a change, redo your wardrobe…

Try to plan activities for two with as much precision as when you make a date

you to the doctor.

The best way not to give in to the routine that sets in? Start a project together.

If you share an entrepreneurial spirit, why not start a small business as a duo?
If you are real adventurers, why not plan your next unusual vacation?
If you are crazy, why not start the “kids” project on an overcrowded earth?

4) It’s the little touches that matter the most.

Everything seems acquired with your girlfriend so you make much less effort than before?

The concern is that the balance of your relationship can only remain with willpower on your part.

Like a conversation, if you don’t put a little bit of yours into it or if you don’t revive the debate, the interest always ends up falling.

According to a study, the main criterion that pushes women to leave their boyfriend concerns a decrease in feelings towards him.

You absolutely have to find a way to keep the flame alive between you.

This involves small daily attentions that will make him understand that you are a committed person who makes efforts to make life easier for two but also to please him.

You can prepare breakfast for her, give her a personalized gift that shows you know her well, do the housework so that your apartment is clean when she comes home from work…

Conversely, do not be too attentive either, do not overdo it.

Behaving like a nice guy will not make you more attractive to your wife, quite the contrary.

It’s up to you to measure the little attentions you give her, don’t do too much about her, but do them anyway!

5) Be respectful.

According to Marguerite Yourcenar: “Nothing lasts without changing”.

Over time, you will evolve, change your interests and perhaps even your career plan, your physique, your desires. Your partner will also change, at the same time as you, or at their own pace.

To find a balance, everyone should have the necessary freedom to evolve freely without leaving the other aside.

It is by encouraging your partner and respecting his choices that you will help him achieve his personal goals. Pay attention to his well-being. In turn, expect the same from him.

Even if you have a life outside your relationship (friends, work, sports), remind your girlfriend that you are there for her, that you listen to her and that she means a lot to you.

All while letting her live her own life. She must be able to breathe without you having to suffocate her daily:

– Do not pull the face because she came back later than expected from an evening with her friends. It happens, no one died…

– Don’t play the jealous guy by harassing her as soon as she goes out to check that she is not in someone else’s bed, by asking her for selfies “where are you? every ten minutes.

Respecting others means knowing how to compromise and take it upon yourself.

You will need to learn how to cut the pear in half.

If it’s your turn to skip your night out with friends to go to her best friend’s birthday party, do it.

In the end, everyone has to figure it out.

By following these five tips, you’re set to stay together for a long time.

I’m counting on you to show Beigbeder that love doesn’t last three years, but much more!

And what do you think is the secret to a lasting relationship?

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