4 tips for choosing your made-to-measure suit

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How to choose your tailor-made suit? What are the tips to follow to obtain a quality and durable bespoke suit? We tell you everything in this article!

You are invited to a wedding but you do not know yet what to wear as a costume? You are ceremonial this weekend and your old oversized suit does not appeal to you at all anymore? Gentlemen, it’s high time to go to a good tailor to get a quality made-to-measure suit.

The bespoke suit offers a lot of advantages for gentlemen like us. This one is usually of much better quality than the suits bought in the traditional ready-to-wear industry, and the latter also conforms perfectly to the shapes of your body. You won’t find better!

Not to mention that a made-to-measure suit is not overpriced these days and you can easily customize it to your liking and according to all your desires. To help you in your quest for the perfect made-to-measure suit, here are 4 tips that should help you choose it.

Our 4 tips for choosing the right bespoke suit :
The made-to-measure suit thus offers several advantages compared to a traditional suit coming from classic ready-to-wear. Choosing your made-to-measure suit cannot be improvised overnight, however, and it is better to know a few tips and tricks before embarking on the quest for the perfect made-to-measure suit. As with the following tips.

Go to a recognized tailor

The first thing to do when looking to make a custom suit is to go to a recognized and quality tailor. There are indeed several tailors in our cities, and it is for example relatively easy to make a tailor-made suit in Paris. All major cities in France are fairly well supplied with quality tailors and it should be fairly easy to find the right one. If you have any doubts about the quality of a tailor’s work, then take the time to read their reviews.

Choose a quality fabric for your bespoke suit

It’s all good. You have finally found your made-to-measure suit in Paris and now you are in the flesh at the tailor. The first thing to do here is then to find the right fabric that will flesh out your costume. The choice of fabric takes a lot of time and you will then have to choose one of quality but which will also marry with your tastes. Do not skip this step and talk about it with the tailor, who will know how to guide you to perfection.

Define your bespoke suit style

You have found the right tailor and you have finally chosen the fabric for your future bespoke suit. Now you can finally get to the heart of the matter and start imagining the style of your costume. Whether in cut, style or model, you will see that there is a wide range of costumes. Business suit, double-breasted suit, ultra-chic suit or more casual suit, all the possibilities are available to you and you should only let your desires do the talking.

Play on accessories

If you’ve found the right tailor, the right fabric and the style of suit you want the most, then things are going perfectly well in your quest for the perfect bespoke suit. As a last step, think about playing on the accessories that will complete your outfit. You can talk to your tailor about it and he will be able to better guide you to the essential accessories to match with your made-to-measure suit. Whether it’s a belt, a watch, cufflinks or anything else.

With these 4 tips, you should be able to get a perfect made-to-measure suit that will undoubtedly make the difference during your parties or your ceremonies. If you have other tips or advice for choosing the right tailor-made suit, do not hesitate to indicate them too in the comments.

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