4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Men’s Ring

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Men's Ring

How to properly wear a men’s ring? What are the different types of rings that one can choose? What material should be favored for this type of jewelry for men? I give you in this article 4 tips that will help you to choose your ring in the right way.

Men’s jewelry has become more and more popular lately. However, if there is one jewel that guys still wear in a rather limited fashion today, this is undoubtedly the men’s ring.

The men’s ring, however, is a very beautiful piece of jewelry that can completely change the look of a man. Better still, when the latter is perfectly in tune with an outfit and a style, it makes all the difference and then turns into a real essential accessory.

In the same logic, the male ring allows both to affirm its identity and its personality. Without forgetting that this one is in addition to that a very good way to put a nice hand in evidence. For all these reasons, choosing a men’s ring cannot be improvised and I am giving you some advice on how to choose it well.

1/ Know your size before buying your ring

The first advice I can give you for choosing the right men’s ring is quite basic. However, I can assure you that many guys forget it. Before choosing your jewel, you must indeed know your size in advance.

For that, there is nothing simpler. Try to find out on which finger of your hand you plan to place your future ring. Here you have the choice between all the fingers of your hand and even the thumb can accommodate a ring!

Once you have chosen, you can then start measuring using a soft tape. Thus, if the circumference of your finger measures 68 mm, you will have to choose a ring of a size 68.

NB: it happens that the size of our fingers evolves or changes according to the weather conditions. I advise you to try several sizes of rings to be really sure that the size suits you.

2/ Choose the right material

As a second tip for choosing the right men’s ring, you have to think about choosing the material that suits you best. You probably know it, but there are a multitude of materials for jewelry. For the rings, you have the choice.

In the most basic, we find gold and silver. These materials are real safe bets and most rings are made with them, for unparalleled charm and quality.

But we must not forget materials such as platinum, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic or even wood! These last cities are certainly more original but they guarantee an asserted style in the very good way.

More recently, an exotic new material has come into play in jewelry stores. This is the case of amber, which is a brand new fossilized plant resin that comes from conifers!

3/ Find the right type of ring

To correctly choose your men’s ring, you will also have to be careful to choose the type of ring that best suits your style and your needs. More often than not, the vast majority of men’s rings are actually wedding bands chosen as part of a wedding.

The latter is chosen as a couple and so that the two rings are coordinated. For the rest and for other types of rings, you have the choice. The signet ring is thus a safe bet and most often corresponds to a chic and elegant look.

For a slightly more casual look, steel rings are perfect and can even fit on a sporty look. For a little more originality and personality, rings with peaks or with clearly visible patterns are also available.

4/ Pay attention to the maintenance of your ring

Once you have chosen your ring, you must also pay attention to the maintenance of it. We tend to think that the rings are indestructible and that they do not suffer from the effects of time. Even more with rings with noble and durable materials, such as gold and silver.

However, all rings, whatever the material, deserve regular maintenance and a few preventive actions in order to extend their life as much as possible. This is why we must think, for example, of:

  • remove rings before washing hands.
  • avoid chemicals
  • avoid wearing a ring while playing sports, work or gardening.
  • watch out for collisions.
  • store your rings in a quality jewelry box.

By proceeding in this way, the rings will be able to hold up perfectly over time and keep all their original charm.

This is now the end of our article on the advice to know in order to choose the right ring for men. By choosing a ring in its size, choosing the right material, a suitable type of ring and not neglecting maintenance, your ring should fit your hand perfectly!

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