15 tips to succeed on a first date!

The first date can be a real source of stress for some men. To put all the chances on your side, it is necessary to prepare well. Whether it is the place, the activity or what to say or not to say, I give you here 15 tips to succeed on a first date!

By applying these 15 tips during your first date, you will be able to make a good impression, because you will be better prepared, thus avoiding to fail in front of the person you are trying to seduce.

1. Prepare your first date

When we start to be interested in girls, or at least start dating them, we don’t think about everything… It often happens that we have to improvise at the moment and it doesn’t always go exactly as planned…

The first thing to do for your first date is to prepare for it. So we’re not talking about setting a date and time, no. But to think in advance about the place and what you are going to do there. For example, if you decide to go for a drink in a bar, we advise you to plan a place where you can sit next to it.

2. Be on time for your first date

You must be on time, that’s the basis. If you arrive late for a job interview, not sure that you are among the most interesting profiles, You need to be someone who can be counted on.… So, we prepare everything in advance (shower, clothes, teeth cleaning) so you don’t get late. And if you don’t know how to dress for a first date, pants and a shirt always work!

3. Sit next to her

You must make sure to sit next to the girl you want to seduce. Why ? Because it is easier to generate emotions in someone who is close to us. You are in her bubble of intimacy, where few people have access. This gives you an edge over other contenders.

It is easier to be touchy, to play with the gaze. But it’s also easier to kiss a girl while sitting next to her than on the other side of a table. One of my tips for a first date if the girl finds it weird is to tell her a few things:

“I hate meetings where everyone is on their side of the table, it reminds me of job interviews”

“There is no reason for you to be the only one to enjoy this superb bench! There is enough room for two. »

“If you prefer, you can sit on my lap ”

4. Choose a place you know well

One of the big fears that terrifies men when they go on a first date is having awkward gaps in their conversation…

To remedy this problem you can go to a place you know well, to have stories to tell. You can have anecdotes about the bar, the waiters, but also the neighborhood, the street…

All these little stories should help you.

5. Change the subject often

A mistake I often see: talking about the same subject for too long. Contrary to what one might think, it is counterproductive because the emotions generated by a topic of conversation never last very long. Then, changing the subject of conversation fairly regularly will allow you to broaden your range of knowledge about the woman in front of you.

It will also be easier to alternate between serious and interesting subjects, and moments of relaxation where we talk about light and fun things.

6. Don’t talk about your previous relationships

I will always remember this meeting… The evening had started very well. We had joined to go to the bar together. We order a drink, the conversations follow one another and everything goes well. Until…

She tells me about her ex. For a good 20 minutes! No matter how hard I tried to change the subject of conversation, I couldn’t! I then quickly understood that if she was on a date with me, it was to move on… And to be someone’s bandage, no thank you!

If you’re talking about your ex, the woman you’re dating can tell herself several things:

He hasn’t forgotten his ex? Another fragile heart!

He wants me to understand that his ex is more awesome than me?

He wants me to comfort him? That I will be his friend?

7. Take care of everything!

Who wants to think about organizing the first date? Definitely not your date night. Nobody likes having to make the effort to think about what we will be able to do during the meeting, organize it, pay, etc… To make a good impression, you can organize, prepare for this first meeting from A to Z.

If you give your date the chance to take care of nothing, she will arrive with a free spirit, ready to live the present moment to the fullest. It is also very attractive to see one person take the lead and take care of everything.

8. Be original

The vast majority of men do not prepare for their dates. They improvise on the spot, send a banal text message to meet for a drink, then, once at the bar, ask a whole bunch of annoying questions to try to get to know her.

For her, it will be like a feeling of deja vu… with the 10 others who have preceded you… One of my tips for a first date is to offer her something other than a drink. Why not tell her:

I have something nice to offer you. I hope you like pizza (and no we’re not going to the restaurant)!

Not only will you arouse her curiosity (keep a little mystery and don’t reveal your plans to her) but you will also take the initiative to offer her something different from what she is used to, that’s being original !

First date at the beach with a girl

By planning your date, you are offering her a different and original experience. And it’s easier to remember the first date with the man who took her to the beach for pizza, than the 10 guys who took her out for a drink. Honestly, I have lost count of the number of girls who send me text messages like:

I had a great evening, it was a good experience with you . Goodbye

9. Avoid certain topics

Just as there are topics to focus on for discussion on a first date, some are to be absolutely avoided. Here is a series of example sentences that talk about topics which should absolutely not be discussed on a first date. At least if you want to see your date again one day…

Don’t talk about your mother:

Excellent ! Do you mind if I call my mother to tell her what you just told me?

I love it when you do that: you remind me of my mother!

don’t talk about her mother also:

[looking at pictures] Your mother is a fucking MILF!

Do not reveal your fantasies on the first date:

If there’s one thing I want to do before I die, it’s a threesome…

Some details are not necessary:

I always shave my balls before a first date…

Being sensitive and emotional is good, but not too much:

[starting to cry] it really touches me what you say

This gives you a little idea of ​​what not to say and what not to talk about on your first date. Remember that you are getting to know each other, certain things should not be said so as not to break the illusion of seduction.

10. No Splurge

It’s a first date, not a marriage proposal. For your first date, you do not need to splurge and organize an incredible evening that ends at dawn. The purpose of this meeting is to create a connection with the person, to see if you have common points, similar desires.

No need to make the date last longer, if all goes well, it is very likely that your date will want to see you again.

11. Avoid platitudes

No one likes the small talk people may say to each other when they first meet. Although it is true that it is sometimes difficult to start a conversation, there is nothing worse than small talk to destroy any desire to continue the date.

Ask simple questions that can tell you a lot about the person. These questions can also start a heated conversation that will last a long time:

” What is your favorite book ? »

” Your dream destination ? »

“What do you like to do in life? »

“Your dream since you were a child? »

“What’s your perfect day? »

12. Stay in the present moment

A first date can be a source of intense stress, so don’t let yourself be distracted by your fears and dark thoughts. If you’re worried about whether the evening is going well or you’re stuck on a stupid sentence you said earlier, relax, stay in the moment and focus on the person in front. from you.

And if you have your head in the moon because you are stressed about an aspect of your life, maybe it is better to postpone your date so as not to ruin your chances with this person.

13. Be open-minded

It’s a first date, not a job interview. You are not here to meet someone who will tick all the boxes on your wishlist. One of our advice for a first date: even if at first glance your date does not seem perfect for you, give her a chance to reveal himself and show her true personality.

So stay open-minded about the person you have in front of you. I see too many people directly dump a person after they say something they don’t like. It’s a shame, because sometimes under the stress of the first date, we can talk nonsense without wanting to.

14. Have fun!

Our final piece of advice to close this list is a simple piece of advice: have fun! It’s not often you meet someone for the first time, so take advantage of it. Be fun and try to have a good time with your date. And then if your date does not lead to anything, at least you will have the memory of a pleasant evening.

It is true that a first date is a great source of stress, but if you let this stress invade you, you will not be able to enjoy the present moment. We try our best to leave the worries behind us and take advantage of this moment to get to know a person who could potentially become important in your life.

15. Kiss her!

If you managed to have a date at 9 p.m. with this girl, it means that she knows your intentions. She knows that you like her and that you want to seduce her. She will therefore prefer (in the majority of cases) that you try to kiss her during the date or at the end, rather than doing nothing and waiting for the next one.

At worst, if you kiss her too quickly and she turns her head, it’s okay. You just have to quickly move on, as if nothing had happened. You can follow up on a joke, a remark about her clothing, the environment around you or even suggest going somewhere else.

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