How To Seduce A Woman? 15 TIPS TO SEDUCE A WOMAN


How to seduce a woman easily and effortlessly? This is something that is not always easy to do, especially when no one has explained to us what a woman expects from a man. Or what a woman likes in a man. In this article, I share my professional advice to seduce and charm a woman while remaining yourself.

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1. How to make a good first impression?

The first impression is very important. Because giving a bad impression from the start is like having negative points.

You would have to put in double the effort just to get that negative score back up, whereas other men who made a good first impression wouldn’t need to put in all that extra effort.

Did you know that a woman makes up her own mind about a man she doesn’t know in less than a second?

We women sense when a man is not comfortable, when he is out of alignment with himself. Like for example when he says he wants a relationship but he only wants to sleep with the girl.

And that gives us the wrong impression from the start.

The more honest you are with the girl from the start, the better the impression you make.

2. How to be sure of yourself?

A big bullshit about self-confidence, shared by many men, is the belief that more confidence will lead to a better outcome.

That is to say, the more confidence you have, the more easily you will be able to seduce many girls.

That’s not entirely true. For the simple reason that confidence comes with experience. And not the other way around.

Which means that you have to take action first, and sometimes not have great results, in order to gain confidence.

The more women you seduce, by text, face to face, on the street, in a bar, at work, etc. And the more you are trained to seduce a woman.

The more you are trained to seduce a woman, the more you know the mistakes not to reproduce, and the things that work and which are to be reproduced.

Always remember: theory does not bring results, but action always does.

Don’t wait to be sure of yourself, get started now.

3. How to flirt?

The way of flirting between men and women is really different but it is complementary.

That is to say that what the man will do naturally is what will please the women. And what the woman will do naturally is what will please the men.

Many men mistakenly think that you have to learn certain things in seduction, and behave differently than they are deep down inside.

It’s wrong.

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

In seduction, this quote just above means: if you look for flirting techniques like everyone else, you will end up looking like everyone else.

While the best way to flirt and have results is to be natural, authentic.

4. What to say and do during a date?

Women have a lot of opportunities with men. We women flirted with each other regularly. That is to say, men show us their interest on a daily basis.

Women are therefore in a strong position during the seduction phase. You will have to show the woman that you are interested in her, and inclined to be more interested in her.

If you don’t, she will just choose one of the many men who have shown her interest in her and who seems inclined to really be interested in her.

On the first date, you want to find out everything about her. What she does for a living, and why she does what she does. What she likes and why she likes what she likes. Where does she live and why does she live where she lives. Etc.

A successful first date is ultimately very simple: you just show interest in her and ask her questions about her.

5. How to make lovemaking more exciting?

It is important to sexualize the relationship you have with a woman.

Otherwise, without the intention of sexualization, the relationship remains platonic and you remain in the friend zone.

The best way to sexualize a relationship is to send the message that you consider her more than just a friend.

That is to say, to place in the conversation the signal that you find her attractive or that she manages to seduce you. Because when we talk about seduction, we are no longer just talking about friendship.

If you want a sexual relationship with her, your role is first of all to assume it and make her understand.


6. How do I attract the girl I like?

The best way to attract the girl you like is to keep in mind that a woman will always be attracted to a man who has choices. That is to say, a man who attracts several women.

Because a man who has a choice is a man who is therefore attractive, who has value and who has something special that makes women attracted to him.

To demonstrate that you have value, the best way is always to act with her as if you have options with other women.

A man who has choices with women will remain indifferent if one of the different options, that is to say one of the different women who are interested in him, decides overnight to reject him or not to talk to him anymore.

So try to remain indifferent as best you can if she pushes you away, if she goes on radio silence, if she says no to you, etc.

To attract the girl you like, it is therefore very important to act like someone detached from the end result. Whether she says yes or no, it should leave you indifferent.

The more you show your detachment, the more it will attract him.

7. How do you convince a woman that you are a good man?

To convince a woman that you are a good man you have two solutions.

The first solution is to convince her verbally, that is to say to tell her and argue on the subject.

The second solution (and by far the most effective) is to prove it by action.

The word alone is not enough. Words, promises, oral commitments mean nothing to women.

What matters to a girl is your actions. That is, proof by action.

To show a woman that you are a good man, the best way is to act like a good man.

For that, nothing better than paying attention to her, how she feels, how her day went, etc.

8. How to surprise a woman?

There are two ways to surprise a woman. By surprising her in a pleasant way or by surprising her in an unpleasant way.

Obviously what you want is to surprise her in a pleasant way. You want her to be delighted with the surprise you have prepared for her.

Yes, what is written just above is obvious. However, it is essential that you realize this, because many men make the following mistake.

They prepare a surprise for the woman without even really knowing her tastes.

There is indeed only one way to be sure that the surprise makes him happy. It is by knowing his tastes well.

For example, if you offer her a trip to the cinema but she does not like the cinema, you will flop. If you offer her a restaurant that specializes in meat when she is a vegetarian, you will also flop.

And much more than that, she will perceive this proposal as a lack of interest. She’s going to start thinking that you don’t find her attractive enough and that’s why you haven’t made the effort to get to know her tastes.

Do not take the risk of proposing something to her if you have not first made sure that it is one of the things she likes.

So the best way to pleasantly surprise a woman is to ask her personal questions early in the relationship about what she likes. Know their activities, hobbies, etc. But also about what she doesn’t like.

9. How not to be too banal?

Banality is a very subjective subject, that is, it depends on the opinion of each woman.

Some women will find the characteristics that make up your personality to be unique and different from other men. While other women will find these same peculiarities super banal.

The important thing is not to try to appear unique in front of all women. But good not to be too banal in front of the woman you like.

The good news, because yes there is good news, is that a woman who is made for you is a woman who will love the particularities that make up your personality.

If, for example, you have a passion for poker. If you meet a woman who feels insecure about this because betting money and spending time on the internet at night makes her highly emotionally insecure, then that woman is not the right one for you.

If on the contrary, the fact that you play poker is a special and unique character according to her, then this woman is the right person for you.

So leave aside this idea that you must not be too banal.

When you are going to be in front of the ideal woman, I can assure you there will be nothing about you that will seem banal to her.

So, instead of trying to change yourself to adapt to the woman in front of you and adapt to what she likes or dislikes, rather try to change the woman there is. in front of you to find the right person.

10. How to stand out from other men?

Women are very regularly solicited and seduced by men. To distinguish yourself from other suitors, it is important to show that you stand out.

For this, it is useless to do specific things. No need to even make any effort.

Don’t try to do something you’ve never done before. Like suddenly signing up for boxing, suddenly signing up for charity, etc.

The worst thing would be to want to be someone else. Because by wanting to do like the others or be someone else, you become like everyone else.

You already have something special in you, which is why you are not like the others. You have a specific personality, that’s what makes you different.

So you have something special as you are.

To stand out from other men, the easiest way is to highlight what you already have that is different from others.

The more you will assume your differences, the more you will show it to the eyes of the world and the more you will appear as someone different in the eyes of women.

11. How do I keep it casual?

It is not always easy to remain relaxed when a woman capsizes your heart and you absolutely want to enter into a relationship with her.

The problem is, if you’re stressed out when you meet a woman, you’re sending a signal that you’re not very confident about what you have to offer that woman.

In other words, when you stress out, you are indicating that the relationship you are proposing to the woman is not that great.

This is why it is very important to remain relaxed, especially during the first meetings.

Men who are laid back on first dates are men who go on several other dates with other women.

These are men who have options: that is, who can potentially enter into a relationship with several women at the same time. Men who can therefore choose with which woman they wish to have a relationship.

Since they have multiple options, so they don’t stress about getting an absolute yes on a first first date with a woman.

But you don’t have to have multiple options. You just have to act as if you have options, as if you are in a relationship with several women who are interested in you and you just have to choose.

The more you want a yes from a woman, the more you want a relationship with her and the more stressed you are going to be.

While the more you are detached from the result, the more relaxed you will be.

12. How to stay authentic?

Staying authentic is never obvious or easy to do. We are so conditioned since our childhood to be someone our parents want us to be, that it sometimes becomes a reflex not to be ourselves.

The first step to remaining authentic is therefore to know yourself well. Indeed, if you do not know yourself how do you want to know if you are yourself or someone else?

To know yourself, you must know your qualities as well as your faults, what you like, what annoys you, what your needs are and what your values are.

Your strengths and weaknesses

Your qualities and your faults are nothing other than what is called your part of light and your part of shadow.

That is to say, what you accept at home and what you do not accept. The dark part is not your fault and your light part is not your qualities.

In reality, your share of light represents the qualities and faults that you accept in yourselves.

Your shadow side represents the qualities and faults that you do not accept in yourself.

The more you accept yourself as you are, your faults as well as your qualities, the more you stand out from others.

What makes you vibrate

There’s nothing worse than a man trying to do something he hates just to seduce a woman.

Women sense when a man is willing to jerk off just to get something from them. And that repels women.

While a man who completely assumes that he doesn’t like something but explains that he’s willing to put in a little effort for a woman, that’s extremely attractive.

Women do not like when a man makes an effort that goes against who he is because he is showing us that he is not able to respect himself.

And a man who does not know how to respect himself will not know how to respect the woman.

Your needs

We all have physical needs and emotional needs.

The fundamental male emotional need is the need to feel different from others, to feel strong and useful.

A woman will feel much more attracted to a man who knows how to fulfill her need to feel strong and useful than to a man who doesn’t know how to fulfill his own emotional need.

Be careful, feeling strong does not necessarily mean being strong, and feeling useful does not necessarily mean being useful.

You may very well feel strong is useful by actively participating in the achievement of an important objective in your company. You may also feel very empowered and helpful by actively involving yourself as a dad to your child.

How you fulfill your emotional need is up to you and your personality.

Your values

Your values are summed up by what is most important to you in life.

If spending time with your family is most important to you in life, then family is likely one of your core values. If the most important thing for you in life is to laugh at least once a day otherwise you consider your day useless, then it is likely that laughter is one of your main values.

Ask yourself what is most important to you in life. Is it respect, work, joy, benevolence, spirituality, etc.?

13. How to cultivate one’s charisma?

Many men have the wrong definition of charisma.

Maybe your own definition isn’t going to get you anywhere with women either.

If you think charisma is being strong or stronger than others, if you think charisma is speaking louder than others or appearing wiser than others, then your definition is wrong.

Men who have charisma are men who fully assume what they think, say and do. Nothing more than that.

You lose charisma in the eyes of women and in the eyes of other men when you don’t take full ownership of something you’ve done, something you’ve said, or something you thought.

For example, a man who is often serious but does not assume it loses charisma points by trying to be funnier.

Because, by judging himself, he therefore loses credit in his own eyes. And also in the eyes of others because when a person does not fully assume, we feel it.

The best way to cultivate your charisma is therefore to assume and claim in the eyes of others and in the eyes of the world, who you really are.

And this without trying to be someone else, nor trying to be loved by others. Just be yourself and ignore other people’s eyes.

14. How to make a woman laugh?

A large majority of women like to laugh.

However, that shouldn’t be a goal in itself to wait for, because if fundamentally making others laugh isn’t you, then why would you want to develop an aspect that isn’t you.

Why would you want to become someone else? It’s going to take a lot of effort to be someone you’re not for the sole purpose of seducing a woman.

The problem is that if you like this woman and want to see her again, then you’re going to have to be that other person again. And it will end up being unbearable for you.

Perhaps, however, you are naturally playful and joking and your biggest constraint is to remain that playful and joking man in front of a woman you like.

In this case the problem is that you stress too much in front of the woman and that you lose your naturalness.

Your role is therefore to reduce the level of expectation you have from the encounters you have. Indeed, if there are too many stakes at each meeting that you have, you put pressure on yourself that is not necessary.

See dating and seduction as a game without stakes.

The best way to overcome stress is to take things as simply a game in which you can only have fun, but neither lose nor win.

15. How to listen to a woman’s needs?

The needs are different between the masculine and the feminine. However, the masculine, as we saw above, has a fundamental emotional need to feel strong and useful.

The feminine, on the other hand, has a fundamental emotional need to feel safe. This is emotional security, not to be confused with physical security.

Physical security can make a woman feel emotionally secure. But physical security will never be enough.

This is why there are super-rich stars who are nevertheless single or who are being dumped. Money provides physical security for a woman but is not enough to provide emotional security.

Emotional security is certainty. That is to say, the certainty that you did not choose it by chance, that you chose it because you really like it, that you are going to treat it well and that you are going to be kind to it.

When a woman has these certainties about you, she feels emotionally secure.

The final words

So now you know how to seduce a woman. Apply, do not stay at the intellectual level, at the “knowledge” level. Go get what you desire, by taking action and getting out of your mind.

You now know that the more you treat the woman in front of you as a person with the same needs and the same functioning as you, the less results you will have.

You also know that the more you try to be someone else, the less results you will have.

Get to know yourself, really know who you are, what makes you tick and what you hate. Then fully assume all the parts of yourself because what attracts women the most is when you assume the most who you are.

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Take good care of yourself,

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