15 questions to ask on a first date


To check the potential connection with a person during a first date, choose from these 20 questions that allow you to know a little more about her :

1 / 20 How did you end up single? 

Coming back to the single box can be a difficult situation to explain. You’ll see your date’s openness to talk about her previous relationship. Know how to detect if she is hiding something from you. Also, see if she puts the blame entirely on her ex .

2 / 20 Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Do not forget to ask what is her order among her siblings ? to assess whether you’re dealing with a go-getter elder or a rebellious youngest. the order in which a child is born shapes their development and personality. You will learn a lot with this simple question.

3 / 20 If you could live, for a year, anywhere on the planet, what would you choose?

This question in particular will give you the opportunity to get to know the girl’s personality to a large extent, as the question is open to thousands of possibilities and the answer will confirm some of the girl’s qualities and may deny  them, such as being a calm nature-loving girl if she chooses, for example, a green place, or more material if she chooses the finest places where luxury restaurants and major markets

4 / 20 And your parents, how are they?

Be alert and notice the first expression that will appear on her face: it will tell you more than the answer you will be given. You could follow up by asking if the connection is better with her mother or her father. But beware: you will probably have to answer the same question.

5 / 20 What is the last movie seen/the most recent book read/her favourite musician/her favourite sport?

Quickly, you will see what her interests are. The fastest answers will be those of her favourite activities. But be indulgent: it is not easy to answer these questions.

6/ 20 Who are you closest to?

Basically, you want her to tell you about the person who is the most important to her: the one who knows her best. It is often touching to talk about this subject so you can discover the sensitive side of your potential partner.

7 / 20 What are you laughing at?

Humor helps to de-dramatize everyday life. You really need it and you look for it in the other. Check if you share the same type of humor.

8 / 20 What are you looking for in a relationship?

Will she be comfortable talking to you about her very personal definition of “being in a relationship”? This will give you a good idea of ​​what she wants and then you can compare with your own expectations.

9 / 20 What do you hate about first dates?

Oh frankness! When we are in a seduction mode, there are some very interesting sides, but also some that put us off a little. Whether her answer surprises you or makes you laugh, it’s a good sign! Above all, she must not be offended by your audacity in wanting to put the cards on the table.

10 / 20 What is your longest relationship?

From the outset, you will know if you have the same conception of a “long relationship”. So, it is important that you establish a duration in your head before asking the question, because it is almost certain that a “mirror” will be used to know what you mean by “long relationship”.

11 / 20 What is your current purpose in life?

You don’t  want to talk only about the past, because it’s the present that interests you. Get her talking about her short-term goals and the projects she’s excited about. You should see sparks in hir eyes if she’s truly passionate.

12 / 20 You can leave tomorrow morning for an all-expenses-paid trip: where are you going and with whom?

Here, beware if she answers you “with you”, because this is a very bad seduction tactic. In fact, you are testing her ability to be sincere with this subtle question. Her answer will allow you to discuss trips together.

13 / 20 Who is your best friend?

Usually, this simple question will lead to a long discussion. It is true that we like to talk about our best friend. It’s a joyful subject that brings a breath of lightness to this first real date.

14 / 20 What are your plans for the future?

If you don’t feel like you’re in sync with this person, pass on this existential question. But if the evening goes well, dare to address the future and plans for the future.

15 / 20 If you had to use one word to describe yourself, which would you choose?

This is an impossible question that it is good to ask to relax the atmosphere. Even if everyone sighs when they hear it – because it’s not easy to answer – we still like to hear the answer. However, be prepared to bend to the game yourself, as it is almost certain that you will be subjected to the same exercise.

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