10 things men should do every day

10 things men should do every day

In our fast-paced world, it can be challenging to maintain good health and high levels of productivity and creativity. However, scientific research has uncovered some surprising ways to achieve these goals that you may not have thought of before. In this article, we will explore 10 scientifically-backed tips that may seem unconventional but can help you lead a healthier, more productive, and more creative life.

1. Play video games

Ever wanted to have a bigger brain? According to research conducted by Richard Haier, a neurologist in the United States, playing video games could be the answer. According to a study he conducted in the 1990s, he measured a thickening of the cerebral cortex in Tetris players. A good reason to feel guilty when you pretend to work behind your computer while you are geeky.

2. Strengthen your pelvis

And no, it doesn’t only apply to women, you have to work on this area of your body gentlemen because it could save your life (well, your sex life at least). Bristol researchers tested men with erectile dysfunction by having them do exercises that strengthen the muscles around the penis. After a period varying from 3 to 6 months, 40% of them had regained all the “functions” of their penis.

3. Shake hands

They say you can tell a lot about someone by their handshake, and it’s true. A study conducted in 2012 by the University of Illinois (USA) proved that social interactions preceded by a handshake are considered to be much more positive experiences. This activates the nucleus accumbens (part of the brain) which plays a role in emotions.

4. Wear something red

  Because it makes you more attractive to women. And it’s scientifically proven according to a 2010 study by scientists from Britain, Germany, China and the United States. This color has long been a symbol of male dominance, a color that inspires testosterone, the true and virile man. So gentlemen choose your tie well now.

5. Trim your beard (not shave it)

Facial hair also attracts women, but on condition that it is maintained. Research carried out in the University of New South Wales (Australia) revealed that the beard is a natural element by which to judge the social and sexual attributes of men. Women rated men based on their charm and the most attractive wore beards. For them, they are also good future fathers and appear to be in good health. So if you are told that the beard fashion is outdated, that you should cut it, ignore this advice.

6. Take lots of breaks

This is not laziness but still good and good science! And even if it’s quite ironic, taking several coffee or cigarette breaks increases productivity. Dr. Alejandro Lleras of the University of Illinois studied two groups performing the same task for over an hour and found that the group that took short breaks performed better. In addition, doing the same activity for too long gradually reduces your concentration. You have to constantly stimulate your senses so that you are captivated by your work.

7. Do your chores

This one is for those who want to become good fathers. A 2014 study proves that when women are helped with household chores, they work better and succeed in their careers. Participating in the maintenance of your home contributes both to the psychological well-being of your children but also to the maintenance of the couple.

8. Eat protein for breakfast

Eggs, yogurt, milk. Even nuts if you like that. This is the secret to staying slim. Donald Layman, professor of nutrition at the University of Illinois, recommends 30g of protein for breakfast. After spending a full night, the body is in a catabolic state, protein regulates blood sugar and appetite.

9. Take cold showers

Let’s be honest, nobody likes that. However, a 2008 study found that daily cold showers prevent symptoms of depression. Exposure to cold increases endorphin levels and releases norepinephrine – which sends large numbers of electrical impulses from nerve endings to the brain. Including it in your morning routine will make you a happy man and help you start your day off right.

10. Have orgasms

We do not say that you have to make love every day to be in good shape, but in any case, ejaculating regularly is good for your health. Last year, the American Urological Association shared the results of a study that found that men who ejaculate 21x (or more) per month reduced their risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%. One theory says that orgasm itself is beneficial because it releases oxytocin hormones that prevent cancer. Research from 2003 explains that frequent ejaculation removes the potentially carcinogenic substance from the cells. Have fun, it’s for your good.

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