10 Behaviours That Attract People Like A Magnet

If you want to attract people, you need the art of attraction, and that art is deceptive, and that’s part of the difficulty.

If you want to attract people, you need the art of attraction, and that art is deceptive, and that’s part of the difficulty.

When it comes to true attraction,it is not surprising to know that physical appearance plays an essential role. However, there are actually a lot of tricks of gravity that outweigh external physical appearance. While a wide range of studies have revealed that a person’s attraction to others depends on many different factors, including their biological orientation and unconscious desires, as well as their personal upbringing and background, this does not paint the full picture.

It is important to learn about basic behaviors that have been shown to attract other people the most, and the best part is that all these behaviors can be easily applied and integrated into your life now. These are behaviors that attract people the most to you, so go ahead and start using them.

1. Be a good listener

If you’re looking to attract others, it’s your ability to listen that makes you particularly attractive or omega. When you listen well to someone else, you show them that what they express is useful and important to you. By engaging deeply in what he or she communicates with, you also build trust, familiarity and a deeper and closer relationship between you.

In fact, if your desire is to boost and increase your attraction levels, exercising a skill known as active listening is an important step in this process. Effective listening is when you are fully committed to understanding what someone expresses to you, listening with intent, with purpose, and without any distraction or interruption. Since many people today are completely preoccupied with their personal phones, jobs and commitments, having the ability to listen without being distracted is a very attractive behaviour.

2. Attention to verbal and non-verbal references

If you want to attract others to you, another important element is attention to a person’s verbal and non-verbal references as well as monitoring their body language. In other words, you not only listen to what this person tells you, but you also focus on how to say it.

For example, is this person screaming or breathing hard or whispering A and sighing? Are his hands on the table, crossed or shaking? If your goal is to be attractive to someone else, it means that you should strive to listen to your ears and eyes. Furthermore, there is an additional aspect to this type of interactive listening in your ability to reformulate what was expressed to you when responding.

This not only shows the speaker that you are fully committed to listening to what he expressed to you without any inconvenience, but also builds a sense of intimacy, empathy and understanding between you because you prove that you want to fully understand what has been said. So, instead of responding with a short and vague response, your commitment to redrafting and putting your own words on what has been expressed helps bring you closer to the speaker and shows that you really appreciate and care about what I’m telling you. And this kind of behavior other people find very attractive.

3. Be Kind

When it comes to engaging in behaviors that can attract others the most, one of the most important is to act with kindness, giving and consideration. In fact, not only is being kind-hearted, and really interested in the well-being of others, immediately attracts people to you, but research has shown that men and women actively prefer to be around others who engage in altruistic behaviors and find them more attractive and enticing.

This may not be too surprising, because you probably know from your own experience that you prefer to spend time with a thoughtful and generous person rather than a cruel and selfish person. In other words, good behaviour is so powerful in terms of attracting others that it can affect your appearance in a way that helps you look more physically attractive. So, if your goal is to really attract others to you, making a real effort to be kind is the behavior you have to resort to.

4. Show your volunteer spirit

Volunteering not only helps your community, but has also been found to benefit your health and can increase your appeal. As part of the 2013 study, researchers surveyed men and women and asked them to assess the attractiveness of people who exhibit “helpful” behavior and people who exhibit another type of behavior. Those involved in auxiliary behaviors – men and women – were classified as significantly more attractive. The researchers hypothesized that auxiliary behavior might indicate “good genes.” They can also show a person’s potential as a parent.

5. Smile

While smiling is one of the easiest, simplest and most basic behaviors you can do, it is actually one of the strongest in terms of its ability to attract others. Not only does smiling stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin into your body, which can help improve your mood, it can also help lift and improve the mood of those around you.

Research has shown that the act of seeing a smiling face can help stimulate the reward-related part of the brain, so, in essence, people can actually feel a strong sense of happiness and satisfaction when they are around someone smiling.

In other words, the bigger and more honest your smile, the more likely others are to find you attractive.

6. Be trustworthy

If you’re looking to really attract others, being trustworthy can make you incredibly loved and desirable. After all, when you act dishonestly or deceptively, you undermine any opportunity to create strong relationships with other individuals because you simply cannot be trusted.

Moreover, people will not feel comfortable around you, they will be less likely to open up and trust you, and they will refrain from being their true selves around you due to fear of wrong promise and being harmed. However, being trustworthy enables you to create deep and meaningful relationships with others that transcend superficial boundaries and can inevitably bring people closer to you on a more intimate level.

7. As a vanilla scent

While your body’s natural pheromones smell plays a role in attracting others, there are ways in which you can enhance your smell and thus enhance your ability to attract others to you. The trick is to smell vanilla.

First, vanilla has been found to be a gentle smell globally, and has the ability to extract happy memories from childhood in those who smell it. To this end, people can automatically be attracted to you just because of the feelings of happiness that your smell can provoke within them. Moreover, it has been shown that when people inhale the smell of vanilla, it also helps them feel more calm and comfortable. It is not surprising that people are more attracted to you and your aura because they will feel more comfortable when they are around you.

8. Wear Red

A study from the University of Rochester revealed that men are significantly more attracted to women in red. The study showed that men were more sexually interested in these women and were more inclined to ask them or spend more money on them during a date or social participation. There is even research showing that men are more likely to give higher tips to waitresses in red.

While red is often associated with love, romance and passion, there are different explanations for why this deep and strong color affects attraction. For example, when looking specifically at the animal world, it is interesting to note that red is the color that shows sexual maturity, sexual strength and even fertility. As far as humans are concerned, it is believed that a woman’s face becomes redder during ovulation. Red is also associated with excitement, as cheeks and bodies tend to appear redder when excited.

9. Be confident

Acting confidently is very important in both your personal and professional life, and plays a key role in attracting others towards you. As noted in a study in the International Journal of Cosmetic Sciences, when individuals felt more confident, others classified them as looking more physically attractive.

When someone acts confidently, you are likely to be drawn to them and fed the kind of positive energy they exude. This means that just showing trust is strong enough to attract others to you, even if what you’re saying is incorrect, baseless or completely wrong.

10. Appearance of richness

Can the car you choose to drive and the apartment you choose to rent affect your love life? In a 2014 study, volunteers were asked to assess the attractiveness of a man or woman in the photo standing in either a luxury apartment, and thus a “high profile”, or an ordinary apartment, indicating the “neutrality” of the situation. ” The study revealed that “the male model was significantly more attractive when presented to females in high position than in neutral context, and was also judged to be significantly more attractive than the female target superimposed against an identical background.” However, men classified women in luxury apartments and ordinary apartments as equally attractive.

In a previous study, a similar test was performed with a high-level car, a silver GT continental Bentley, and a neutral vehicle, a red Ford Fiesta ST. Men who seemed to own Bentley were seen as “significantly more attractive.” As was the case in the 2014 study, the situation did not affect how men classify women’s attractiveness.


If you think physical appearance drives dating, think again. To attract attention, you will be able to do it differently and that is exactly what we are going to see.

According to the law of attraction, you don’t attract WHAT YOU WANT, you attract WHAT YOU ARE.

We have within us the power to be irresistibly magnetic.

Although physical appearance plays a role, self-esteem and charisma are the dominant factors of attractiveness.

With a good state of mind, you can therefore attract the person you want.

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